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‘Moana,’ ‘Allied’ and other new films to see this weekend

A series of new cinema will contest for your courtesy over a prolonged weekend. Here are a LAT reviews to assistance we confirm what to see:

– Those seeking a vacation from bland existence though springing for that last-minute island getaway will conclude a bright, buoyant charcterised Disney film “Moana.”

– “Allied,” starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, is a handsomely crafted, fitfully effective reversion to epics of love, profanation and wartime espionage.

– Warren Beatty’s Howard Hughes film “Rules Don’t Apply” is not though a charms, though there aren’t adequate of them and they don’t straightforwardly cohere. It’s engaging rather than involving.

– The dim comedy supplement “Bad Santa 2” doubles down on a naughty of a original, though adequate good to change it out. 

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