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Moscow Region HIV Patients Not Receiving Vital Medicine

HIV patients in a Moscow segment have complained about a necessity of medicine, a Kommersant journal reported Friday.

According to patients purebred with a Moscow Region Center for a Prevention and Control of AIDS, even children and profound women have been refused required treatment.

One studious told Kommersant that in a past dual months, she has been forced to squeeze half of a drugs she needs out of pocket. Her daughter was also given an inexpensive Russian analogue drug to reinstate a unfamiliar drug she took previously.

Another studious pronounced her child hadn’t perceived medicines for dual months and she had to buy all a medicine herself.

Some people gave adult holding a medicines totally since of a shortages, one of a patients told a newspaper.

Temporary stop of a diagnosis might have no consequences, though it is not advisable, Vadim Pokrovsky, conduct of a Moscow-based Federal Center for Fighting AIDS told The Moscow Times Friday.

Pokrovsky attributes a shortages to changes in a buying of remedy that were implemented several years ago.

In 85 Russian regions, medicines are purchased by auctions. In sequence to cover a diagnosis of some-more people, a Health Ministry sets really low prices.

No association wants to sell products during such prices and this leads to disruptions, Pokrovsky said.

For a same reason, a some-more costly HIV drugs have been transposed by cheaper versions, that some patients explain to be ineffectual and have unattractive side effects.

Last year, a series of HIV certain patients purebred in Russia reached one million with 93,000 new cases — a top turn in history. However, a experts guess that a genuine series of HIV-positive people in Russia might be closer to 1.5 million.

The Russian Health Ministry warned that a HIV widespread might be out of control by 2020 if diagnosis is not expanded. To quarrel a flourishing epidemic, Russia changed to allot an additional $300 million from a sovereign bill for this year.

Still, usually one entertain of a HIV patients were receiving state-funded medicines as of a commencement of a year, Pokrovsky said.

Only an boost in appropriation and serve measures directed during shortening a cost of diagnosis of one studious can urge a situation, he said. The problem is that Russian bill is now stretched due to a descending oil prices and Western sanctions.

Meanwhile, a news by a Kremlin-backed Russian Institute for Strategic Research, expelled final May, pronounced a stream HIV widespread in Russia is a outcome of widespread condom use and a miss of confluence to normal values.

Durex condoms, that contain a entertain of a country’s condom sales, were criminialized in Russia final week on a basement of crude business registration.

Meanwhile, a gait of widespread in Russia is not negligence down.

This year 100,000 some-more new cases are expected, Pokrovsky said.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/573393.html