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My First Lesson in Politics: How to Avoid Being Treated Like a Sex Object

In Jan 1983 we was one of 163 members sworn in to a Missouri House.

How we was treated afterwards had a lot to do with how we looked. It took a while, yet we would overcome a “ditzy blonde” classify as a usually womanlike lawyer, yet not a usually woman, in a state house.

Lawyers are ostensible to have an advantage, given a business of legislating is essay and flitting laws. But all of a 6 masculine lawyers who were inaugurated with me shaped a class to that we was not invited. They called themselves “the Six-pack.” When my bills came adult for care a Six-pack gave them special scrutiny: some-more questions and comments, some-more objections and due amendments. Once when we changed in cabinet for capitulation of one of my bills, a suit was done to list it. This was rarely unusual–as my mom would say, it was as singular as hen’s teeth. we couldn’t know what was happening.

Doug Harpool, another attorney, finally came to my bureau early one morning and said, “You need to know what is going on. They are plotting opposite you.” He had initial beheld their one bid to use a Civil and Criminal Justice Committee we all served on to delayed down my legislation. At initial he suspicion it reflected a attorneys’ entrenched philosophical positions, yet afterwards he suspected that it had reduction to do with a check itself than who was sponsoring it. “After a while, we began to clarity that there was jealousy building about Claire and her success,” Harpool pronounced later. “I felt like some of them were intentionally ganging adult on her to reason her back. She was a fighter, and we consider infrequently they favourite to make her fight.”

I cried about this later, yet during a time we didn’t let anybody know how dissapoint we was. When we demeanour behind on it now, we sense how stupid and juvenile they seemed. But during a time it was hurtful. Still, we didn’t let a Six-pack get in a approach of what we was perplexing to do.

There were ongoing passionate relations among some members and staff of a Missouri Legislature, mostly involving married people. But a usually male in Jefferson City we had a attribute with while we was a authority was Harry Hill, a associate authority who was also single. Still, people widespread rumors and done adult stories. There were remarks done to me and about me. Harpool recalled, “These guys would always fun that Claire was sleeping with everybody. They had no basement for any of it. Any lady who was successful, they’d credit of carrying slept with somebody.”

Sometimes we abandoned it, infrequently we responded, infrequently we cried, and infrequently we attempted to spin it into a joke. we had to figure out how to sojourn accessible and collegial so we could be a successful legislator, yet we also had to learn how to equivocate being marginalized and treated like a sex object.

Once we had to ask Bob Griffin, a Speaker of a House, for assistance and recommendation on how to get my initial check out of committee. He was on a dais and laughingly said, “Well, did we move your knee pads?” we knew he was joking; a problem was that he didn’t sense it was an descent joke. And that was many times a hint of a problem: Men in Jefferson City did not know or sense how descent their amusement could be.

I wouldn’t have traded my 6 years in a Missouri General Assembly for anything. we schooled so much–about compromise, about a routine of government, about how to make allies and how to lay a grounds and strech out to a right groups. we schooled a lot about campaigning too, since we always had an opponent.

But even some-more important, we satisfied that vocalization law to energy can be survivable and even a lot of fun. we did heed myself by being peaceful to mount adult to Bob Griffin, Dick and Bill Webster, Tony Ribaudo, and others. we found that if we are sensitive and work hard, we can acquire credibility. we went from being a immature blonde with all a hair to being someone whom a comparison members approached when they had questions about rapist legislation.

Recently, even members of a Six-pack have come around, seeking me for assistance in removing sovereign appointments. And we call all of them friends.

This is an mention from Sen. McCaskill’s new book Plenty Ladylike.

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