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NASA needs 14 new astronauts. A record-breaking 18300 folks applied.

Astronaut Alan L. Bean during a Apollo 12 mission. (NASA)

In 2014, Harvard’s acceptance rate was 5.9 percent. NASA’s latest turn of wanderer claimant applications is going to be customarily a little tougher: With a record-breaking 18,300-plus applications and customarily 14 spots, field have reduction than a .08 percent possibility of removing picked for training.

Until now, a record for wanderer applications was a comparatively trifling 8,000 – and hadn’t been challenged given 1978. Only 6,300 practical in 2012, and that was a second biggest focus pool of all time.

Why are so many Americans unexpected set on saying a stars adult close? NASA has embraced amicable media in new years, and a group gay in feeding bite-sized pieces of space scrutiny impulse to a open in 2015. It was an extraordinary year for space: NASA’s New Horizons goal finished a historic flyby of a Pluto system, and a worldwide fad over a event couldn’t have done for improved PR. Not prolonged afterward, NASA rolled out a delicately orchestrated, roughly irritatingly aspiring selling debate around a blockbuster film “The Martian,” in that Matt Damon plays a NASA wanderer stranded on Mars.

The law is that we can’t be certain when NASA will indeed get a crewed goal to Mars – and for now, a agency’s series of active astronauts is historically low interjection to a retirement of a Space Shuttle program in 2011. But over a march of a past year, a group got us all meditative about a places amiability competence get to go.

Since a focus routine takes 18 months and comparison possibilities have to bear a integrate of years of complete training before they can even be put in a using for goal assignments, speak of a Mars goal in a early 2030s done this call for field quite exciting. These intensity astronauts won’t even be prepared to sight for specific missions until 2020 or so – and there’s no revelation when NASA will have room for some-more trainees. So if we wait until subsequent time, we could really good skip your shot during being one of a initial people to go hiking on Mars.

Plenty of us normal humans have a simple qualifications for wanderer training. But chances are that many of these 18,300 or so applications will be from people who miss a required degrees in scholarship and knowledge in possibly flight, lab work, or teaching. Those will get thrown right out formed on keyword searches, and afterwards customarily around 500 applications deemed “most qualified” will have their references checked. Just 120 are customarily brought to a Johnson Space Center in Houston for interviews.

In other words, field have a reduction than .7 percent possibility of even getting an interview.

But if we wish to fire for a moon (or somewhat over a orbit) you’ve got to be peaceful to take some risks. And buried in those 18,300 applications are a subsequent wanderer hopefuls – a group and women who will face implausible contingency to take NASA to new worlds.

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