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NASA’s Opportunity Rover on Mars Still Silent 2 Months into Epic Dust Storm

It’s now been some-more than dual months given NASA’s permanent Opportunity Mars rover final phoned home.

Opportunity hasn’t done a sight given Jun 10, when dirt in a Red Planet’s atmosphere got so thick that a solar-powered corsair couldn’t recharge a batteries. Opportunity’s handlers consider a six-wheeled drudge has put itself into a arrange of hibernation, and they still wish to get a ping once a dust storm has petered out.

And there are good reasons for this optimism, NASA officials said. [Mars Dust Storm 2018: How It Grew What It Means for a Opportunity Rover]

“Because a batteries were in comparatively good health before a storm, there’s not expected to be too most degradation,” NASA officials wrote in an Opportunity update Thursday (Aug. 16). “And since dirt storms tend to comfortable a sourroundings — and a 2018 assign happened as Opportunity’s plcae on Mars entered summer — a corsair should have stayed comfortable adequate to survive.”

The dirt assign began on a informal scale in late May and had grown into a planet-encircling beast by Jun 20. The assign began failing down late final month, though there’s still a lot of dirt in a atmosphere — substantially too most for Opportunity to start recharging a batteries.

Scientists lane a volume of dirt in a Martian atmosphere regulating a dimensions of opacity called “tau.” The reduce a tau, a clearer a air. The atmosphere in Opportunity’s neck of a woods — a edge of a 14-mile-wide (22 kilometers) Endeavour Crater — typically has a tau of about 0.5, NASA officials said. The rover’s final available measurement, on Jun 10, tagged it during a whopping 10.8.

The tau substantially needs to be reduction than 2.0 for adequate object to get by to start charging a rover’s batteries, goal group members said. Over a past week or so, a estimated tau in a Endeavour Crater segment has ranged from around 2.1 to 2.5, they added.

Engineers are perplexing to promulgate with Opportunity several times a week regulating NASA’s Deep Space Network, a complement of large radio dishes around a globe. They accost a drudge during scheduled “wake-up times” and afterwards listen for a response. And group members are casting a wider net, too: Every day, they differentiate by all radio signals perceived from Mars, listening for any hail from Opportunity, NASA officials said.

Even if Opportunity does eventually arise adult and reinstate contact, a prolonged distress might finish adult holding a fee on a rover.

“The rover’s batteries could have liberated so most energy — and stayed passed so prolonged — that their ability is reduced,” NASA officials wrote in a update. “If those batteries can’t reason as most charge, it could impact a rover’s continued operations. It could also meant that energy-draining behavior, like regulating a heaters during winter, could means a batteries to brownish-red out.”

The golf-cart-size Opportunity landed on Mars in Jan 2004, 3 weeks after a twin, Spirit. Both robots embarked on three-month missions to hunt for signs of past H2O activity on a Red Planet. The twin found copiousness of such evidence, and afterwards kept exploring Mars for years after their warranties expired. 

Spirit finally got bogged down in a Martian silt trap in Mar 2010. The corsair couldn’t reorient itself to locate a sun, and it froze in a indirect winter. NASA announced Spirit passed in 2011.

NASA’s other active Mars rover, a car-size Curiosity, is nuclear-powered and is therefore distant reduction influenced by a dirt storm.

If you’d like to send your well-wishes to Opportunity and a goal team, we can do so regulating a “postcards” during this goal site.

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