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NBA playoff scores 2016: Klay Thompson reminds us he’s not only a other Splash Brother

Klay Thompson is easy to overlook, generally given he plays for a Warriors. Stephen Curry does grand things on a nightly basis. Draymond Green is both magnificently gifted and unabashedly loud. While they seem to suffer a spotlight, Thompson appears to be some-more gentle in a shadows off a justice and has no problem doing rude jobs on it. He competence be one of a many underrated stars in a diversion given of it.

On Saturday, however, Thompson’s mass was unfit to miss. His 41 points led a Warriors to a essential 108-101 win that saved their deteriorate and authorised them to force a Game 7 during home.

Thompson wasn’t only good. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Curry and Green were on a justice in one of a biggest games of a year and it was Thompson who finished a biggest impact. His 41 points are a many in an rejecting diversion given LeBron James had 45 opposite a Celtics in a 2012 Eastern Conference finals and he pennyless a playoff record by attack 11 three-pointers.

Early on, when Curry was struggling and a Thunder threatened to run Golden State out of a building, it was Thompson who kept his organisation in it. When Curry started to feverishness adult and indispensable someone else to assistance him trade punches with an Oklahoma City patrol that refused to surrender, Thompson was a one who became that second threat. And finally, when a Warriors finished their pierce late in a fourth quarter, he was a one who finally gave them a lead with 1:35 to go.

The descent blast came after a Thunder had finished a superb pursuit containing him in prior matchups, too. Thompson was sharpened 41 percent from a margin and a measly 30 percent from over a arc. The earthy invulnerability Dion Waiters and Andre Roberson were personification on him was clearly bothering him though he missed some open shots as well. It seemed like Oklahoma City had him underneath control and a small rattled.

The Thunder substantially suspicion that too, as they spasmodic mislaid him in transition and didn’t tighten out as aggressively as they should have. It seems everybody forgot that he’s a player who once scored 37 points in a quarter. Thompson has slumps, only like each shooter, though he can feverishness adult as fast as he went cold and when he does, he can win a diversion on his own.

Klay Thompson saved a Warriors’ season, one three-pointer during a time, though there’s one some-more diversion left. If a Thunder rebound behind and win on Monday, his opening will turn a feet note on a story of how a best organisation in unchanging deteriorate story fell in a playoffs.

If Golden State does finish a comeback, however, this could be a impulse in that everybody from revolutionary to infrequent fan stops meditative of Thompson as “the other Splash Brother” and starts treating him as what he is: a star in his possess right.

2 other things we learned

The Death Lineup lives

The Warriors’ ultimate arms is a “Death Lineup,” a five-man section shaped by Curry, Thompson, Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes and Green. Surprisingly, that organisation had struggled severely opposite a Thunder, to a indicate where Steve Kerr motionless to radically postpone it for Game 5, going large with Andrew Bogut and Marreese Speights instead.

It wouldn’t have been intolerable to see a same devise on Saturday, though Kerr gave it another possibility and a preference paid off. That organisation outscored a Thunder by 12 points in a 11 mins it was on a court. It finished many of a repairs in a second half and was on a justice late, when Golden State finished a pierce and got a lead. Without it, a Thunder would have expected avoided a fall and won a game.

Whether this means a Death Lineup has figured out Oklahoma City’s diversion devise or only had a good widen is unclear, though design Kerr to run it out in Game 7 to find out.

The Thunder’s late-game collapses reared their nauseous head

Oklahoma City mislaid 14 games in that they were forward entering a fourth quarter, a many out of any organisation in a unchanging season. There were critical concerns about their late-game execution and how it could extent their roof as contenders. Then a playoffs rolled along and they unexpected seemed to have figured it all out. Against a Spurs in a semifinals, they prevailed in tighten games to allege and opposite a Warriors they had avoided collapses. Then Game 6 happened.

The Thunder were adult were adult 7 with 5 mins left. From that indicate on they committed 6 turnovers and went 1-for-5 from a field, with a solitary make entrance on a Roberson putback. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook struggled severely and with no devise B though to give them a round and watch them work in siege situations, Oklahoma City simply had no possibility late.

It’s an aged problem though one that apparently is still really real. If a same happens in Game 7, it could cost them a season.

Play of a game


4 fun things we might have missed

The Thunder mislaid though Steven Adams had his punish on Draymond Green with this outrageous dunk.

Russell Westbrook altered into his “Why not?” boots during halftime. It didn’t go well.

The Warriors’ owners bent down to Klay Thompson, Wayne’s World style.

Thompson wore his propitious Yoda hosiery to a game.

Final score

Warriors 108, Thunder 101 (Golden State of Mind summation Welcome to Loud City recap)

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