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New Cavs understanding proves JR Smith was crazy for opting out — crazy like a fox

J.R. Smith knows what he’s doing, folks. (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

J.R. Smith was widely ridiculed for opting out of a final year of his contract, that would have paid him $6.4 million to play for a Cavaliers this season. To his surprise, if not so many to others, a puzzling (to put it kindly) swingman found his accepting rather icy in a free-agent market.

On Thursday, Smith returned to a Cavs, on what has been reported as a two-year, $10 million deal, with a actor choice for a second year and a no-trade clause. If so, that’s unequivocally not such a bad spin of events for Smith.

Sure, a fact that he gets paid $5 million this deteriorate means that he radically opted out of receiving an additional $1.4 million. But, presumption a reports are correct, he is now guaranteed a sum of $10 million, that math is revelation me is $3.6 million some-more than what he had guaranteed before he opted out.

[The Cubs are offered playoff tickets, what could go wrong with that?]

The thing about Smith is that he is one of a NBA’s inaugural knuckleheads, a notion that his apparent misreading of a marketplace seemed to entirely bolster. But that also means that if he had played out a final year of his prior deal, collecting $6.4 million, he had a improved probability than many of not removing another NBA payday at all.

Does it unequivocally seem so fantastic that Smith could do something so outlandish that his NBA career could come to an sudden end? And that’s not even counting a probability of a serious injury.

So for a cost of a short-term hit, Smith sealed in a incomparable volume of cash, and if he plays good this season, he can have a fun of opting out all over again, and observant what subsequent year’s market (one in that roughly each group will have many some-more to spend) has in store for him. Here is how he described his offseason journey in an Instagram post Thursday:

“Happy to contend that we am returning to a Cavs! It’s been a prolonged float this summer though we can contend for sure, good value a wait. When we opted out of my contract, we wanted to know a landscape of a NBA and where we fit best. The Cavaliers had things they indispensable to do in sequence to square together a championship size roster. we finished adult determining that instead of potentially securing a incomparable understanding elsewhere, we wanted to react an implausible classification in office of a ultimate goal, an NBA championship. Thank we to a Cavaliers for creation this happen. Can’t wait to get started! #TheLand”

So there we go — Smith “wanted to  know a landscape of a NBA.” Once he saw that it had a lot in common with a aspect of a moon, he was usually too happy to take what Cleveland was offering.

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Also pleased was a certain royal Cavs teammate.

Now, all James and Smith need is a small improved opening from a latter in a NBA Finals. (No one doubts that James will be behind there, right? He flattering many has his mail delivered to a Finals these days.)

Smith was awful opposite a Warriors, sharpened a total 24 for 77 (.312), and 15 for 51 (.294) from three-point range, with 6 assists in 6 games. Deliver a improved opening in 2016, and everyone competence consider him intelligent for opting out again.

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