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NFL fines Richardson for workplace misconduct

4:07 PM ET

Outgoing Carolina Panthers owners Jerry Richardson has been fined $2.75 million by a NFL after an examination into passionate and secular bungle in a workplace, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced Thursday.

The eccentric investigation, conducted by former U.S. profession Mary Jo White, substantiated a allegations opposite Richardson. It also settled that a group unsuccessful to news a allegations or any fortitude agreements to a league.

The NFL, in a statement, pronounced many of a income from a excellent will be “used to support a work of organizations dedicated to addressing competition and gender-based issues in and outward of a workplace.”

The Panthers instituted an examination into Richardson on Dec. 15 and sensitive a joining of what was holding place. The NFL took over a examination dual days after when Sports Illustrated published a story in that 4 former employees anonymously settled they reached a financial allotment with Richardson in sell for silence.

Richardson, 81, announced shortly after a NFL took assign of a examination that he designed to sell a group that he and investors paid $206 million for in 1993. He also stepped divided from a day-to-day operations, fixing Tina Becker a new COO.

The allegations opposite Richardson enclosed 3 cases of passionate nuisance and a use of a secular offence toward a group scout. None of a employees sojourn with a organization.

In a minute to Richardson published by SI, one of a women pronounced she “didn’t know what to do” about alleged mixed passionate advances by a Panthers owner.

“I didn’t know what to do when we called me to your track apartment in a center of a week so we could take off my shoes, place my legs in your path and massage their whole length, from toes to crotch,” a lady wrote in a letter. “I didn’t know what to do when we asked me to spin around so we could see how my jeans looked. we didn’t know what to do when we brushed my breasts to put my chair belt around me in a front chair of your car. we didn’t know what to do when we put your hands on my mouth, for me to lick them. we didn’t know what to do when we asked me uncomfortable, intimately charged questions.

“I didn’t know what to do. So, we did what we told me to do.”

The sale of a Panthers to sidestep account billionaire David Tepper was authorized during a owners meetings in May for an NFL-record $2.275 billion and is approaching to tighten in a subsequent dual weeks, a joining said. Tepper was briefed alone about a formula of a examination by White.

Richardson’s final act as an owners came during a May meetings in Atlanta when he expel his opinion for Tepper.

Coach Ron Rivera declined to criticism Thursday on Richardson’s excellent when reached by The Associated Press. General manager Marty Hurney did not immediately lapse a summary seeking comment.

In her findings, White endorsed a joining demarcate nondisclosure agreements to extent a stating of intensity violations or team-work with joining investigations, need workplace bungle claims to be reported to a joining office, settle a trusted hotline for joining and group employees to news workplace control issues and examination policies and procedures with owners, group warn and tellurian apparatus executives.

The NFL pronounced a recommendations will be presented to a league’s Conduct Committee before a entrance season.

“The commentary and recommendations that we have common with a Commissioner are a product of an endless review, including interviews with bar executives, stream and former employees, research of documents, electronic records, and other sources of information,” White pronounced in a statement. “I quite conclude a work of a bar employees in assessing a need for enhancing a club’s workplace policies, procedures, and training and implementing suitable changes.”

The male famous as “Big Cat” to his players and many in a Carolinas saw a Panthers strech a Super Bowl twice — after a 2003 and 2015 seasons — and has been one of a many absolute owners in a league.

He chaired a track committee, co-chaired a cabinet to name Goodell as NFL commissioner and headed a bid to negotiate a stream common discount agreement.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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