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NFL Picks Week 15: Seahawks rebound behind vs. Rams; Saints on highway to 5-11

Below are a accurate picks we have finished in a NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune Pick ‘Em League, and a picks opposite a widespread are combined in as lagniappe.

If we would like to join a NFL Pick ‘Em League, the manners are simple: Choose a personality of any NFL diversion any week, afterwards pierce them around in a sequence we feel many confident. You afterwards accept points formed on how many wins we rightly likely and a certainty turn we placed on any one.

For example, if we envision a Saints to kick Oakland and place a tip certainty on it, you’ll accept 16 points for a scold pick. Get it wrong, and we get 0 for that one. Receive 15 points for a scold second choice, and so on down to one indicate for a scold collect we have a slightest certainty in.

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Picks are in sequence of certainty true up (home group in bold):

SEATTLE over LOS ANGELES, Thursday during 7:25 p.m.

If there were ever such a thing as a close in a universe of NFL picks, afterwards this would a close though a key. In other words, this would be a close so strong, even shaft cutters couldn’t mangle it. Even a 12-gauge shotgun couldn’t open it. Even a hang of dynamite could examine it apart. Even Jeff Fisher on steroids couldn’t master it. Oh wait, he ain’t dere no more. Well, maybe a hang of dynamite could open it, though I’ll take my chances. Against a spread: Seahawks minus-14.5. (Least-favorite widespread of a week, usually given we am peaceful to give this many points maybe once a season.)

ATLANTA over SAN FRANCISCO, Sunday during 3:05 p.m.

First off, I’m not holding many from a Falcons blowout win over a Rams group in irregularity final week. However, for Matt Ryan to play as good as he did though his tip dual receivers was flattering impressive. Meanwhile, a usually thing considerable in a city of a Golden Gate is, well, nothing. There’s zero considerable about a group that blows a two-touchdown lead to a horrible Jets. Against a spread: 49ers plus-13.5.

BUFFALO over CLEVELAND, Sunday during noon

OK Brownies, we give up. Maybe we can lift a dissapoint opposite San Diego subsequent week, though we have too many waste perplexing to trust in we contemptible garland of horses’ patoots. So we consternation what kind of engaging collect you’ll come adult with in May to keep your downtrodden authorization stranded in a mud? And sorry, Detroit, your 2008 Lions are about to have association during 0-16. (Off on a tangent … Do we comprehend how stinkin bad that unequivocally is? we meant a 1980 Saints won one diversion for cryin out loud. And they were really, unequivocally bad.) Against a spread: Bills minus-10.5.

GREEN BAY over CHICAGO, Sunday during noon

In a I-have-no-idea-what-to-think-about-you department, a Packers have seemed to R-E-L-A-X, though have they finished so in time? With no using diversion to mention, it’s tough to consider they’ll be a cause in a playoff race, even if they win out and hide in. And with Chicago finally not carrying to understanding with Cutler a Worthless Bum, a Bears looked decent final week. I’m avoiding this in knockout pools – generally in selecting a highway group in a multiplication diversion – though in a universe of your bland pick, it seems sincerely safe. Against a spread: Bears plus-6.5.

MIAMI over NY JETS, Saturday during 7:25 p.m.

First a news was not usually that Ryan Tannehill would be out for a residue of this deteriorate though maybe all of subsequent year, too. That has been gradual a bit on Monday with it now being reported his ACL and MCL are usually sprained and that he could presumably be behind for a playoffs – if Miami should be so lucky. What is many really unequivocally propitious for them, is carrying to play their initial diversion though their starting quarterback opposite a pitiable Jets, who would adore to have Dolphins backup Matt Moore on their roster. Against a spread: Dolphins minus-2.5.

ARIZONA over NEW ORLEANS, Sunday during 3:05 p.m.

Now that Jeff Fisher has finally been suspended from Los Angeles, is there a manager who has ragged out his acquire some-more than you-know-who? For those blustering me for observant a Saints have no heart and an uninspired offense, do yourselves a preference and save a keystrokes this week. And while I’m on a theme of uninspired offense, let’s speak about a $125 million male – they man who cooking adult so many top space there’s no room left for peculiarity descent linemen to strengthen his abounding butt. (Tangent No. 2 of a week has begun.) When’s a final time No. 9 looked this bad in uninterrupted games? Well, a final time he threw 3 or some-more interceptions in back-to-back games was 2000 – his final deteriorate during Purdue. By comparison, Tom Brady has thrown dual interceptions ALL SEASON. This group has not usually been stranded in neutral for 3 years, though it’s now going in reverse. The doubt is will anyone have a you-know-whats to do anything about it? we pronounced 5-11 or 6-10 before a deteriorate began, and while we suspicion for a brief time we was going to have to rectify that prediction, a Black and Gold went behind to being a Lack and Old. Against a spread: Cardinals minus-2.5. (Favorite collect opposite a widespread this week.)

MINNESOTA over INDIANAPOLIS, Sunday during noon

Last week, a Vikings looked anything like world-beaters in Jacksonville, though had they not missed on a integrate of chances from a 1-yard-line, a measure would have been many some-more lopsided. Meanwhile, a Colts valid they don’t demeanour so prohibited opposite above-average defenses. This seems easy to me, as Indy is about to be on a also-ran list. Against a spread: Vikings minus-3.5.

NEW ENGLAND over DENVER, Sunday during 3:25 p.m.

While a best group in a AFC has had a obtuse moments over a past 4 weeks, they’re about to start that annual run to a championship game. However, this one has a possibility to potentially be an Ice Bowl, with temps now being foresee during about 10 degrees (for a high) on Saturday and 20 on Sunday. And if a intensity sleet charge shifts one day after from Saturday, this could be unequivocally interesting. That’s since I’ll bashful divided from carrying this one aloft on a list, though we have a tough time desiring Denver will be means to do anything offensively opposite a focused Patriots team. If we can find someone to gamble we a Barq’s, take a under-44 ASAP before it goes down in a few days. Against a spread: Patriots minus-3.5.

KANSAS CITY over TENNESSEE, Sunday during noon

The Chiefs are for real, folks, and we would not wish to play them early in a playoffs. Last Thursday, Alex Smith looked like a man who kick a Saints in a 2011 divisional-round playoffs, and a invulnerability was simply winning vs. Oakland final week. They should have copiousness to both upset Marcus Mariota and bottle adult DeMarco Murray with a seven-man front. Against a spread: Chiefs minus-5.5.

HOUSTON over JACKSONVILLE, Sunday during noon

Not certain that Texans group will uncover up, though if Lamar Miller plays as he did final week vs. Indy, it shouldn’t matter all that much. Meanwhile, a Jaguars are usually personification out a fibre on a approach to creation a change during conduct coach, nonetheless it’s a small too early to take out a tellurian turnover machine, Blake Bortles. Against a spread: Texans minus-6.5.

DALLAS over TAMPA BAY, Sunday during 7:30 p.m.

While Dak Prescott and a Cowboys have showed they’re tellurian after all final week, a Bucs kept their hurl going, generally on defense. It will be engaging to see if Prescott can rebound behind after a team’s initial detriment given Week 1, that is since we don’t adore this pick. I’m meditative low scoring, and Dallas pulls one out late to put a hole into Tampa Bay’s playoff hopes. (However, a Bucs have been illusory ATS, winning 5 in a quarrel and 7 out of nine.) Against a spread: Bucs plus-7.5. (Second-favorite collect opposite a widespread this week.)

PITTSBURGH over CINCINNATI, Sunday during noon

It’s still a outrageous poser since Big Ben is so common on a highway and a Hall of Famer during home, though it is what it is. Still, while a Bengals have feasted on dual bad opponents in back-to-back weeks, it would be stupid to consider they have adequate here to kick a group that is in a must-win conditions scarcely any week in perplexing to stay forward of Baltimore for a multiplication title. (The Steelers have won 4 in a quarrel ATS as a favorite.) Against a spread: Steelers minus-3.5.

OAKLAND over SAN DIEGO, Sunday during 3:25 p.m.

Well, a Raiders valid they are a small ways from being among a chosen usually yet, though they won’t have to be anywhere nearby that to kick a group that has strike a roadblock and a quarterback who has unexpected turn Blake Bortles. The Chargers have been many improved during home for a past 8 weeks, though waste a past dual weeks have to have altered a mindset of an normal group during best. Against a spread: Raiders minus-2.5.

NY GIANTS over DETROIT, Sunday during noon

Don’t go meditative a G-Men are all that given they were means to stymie a Cowboys on a solidified tundra of a Meadowlands final Sunday night, though I’m not meditative many about Detroit, either. Matt Stafford has an emanate with his throwing hand, and if a Bears don’t get flagged for holding twice in a final dual mins final Sunday, one of a upsets of a year would have been finished off. That’s adequate for me to collect New York during home, as they in. closer to clinching a wild-card berth. Still, a parsimonious one. Against a spread: Lions plus-4.5.

BALTIMORE over PHILADELPHIA, Sunday during noon

On a surface, this should seem like an easy one with a Ravens finishing off a 4 out of six-game homestand. But with a sleet and ice intensity in Baltimore subsequent weekend, this one could come down to who has a improved using game. And while conjunction is a universe beater, Philly has a edge. Not adequate to make me collect them, though adequate to shock me off of touching it. Against a spread: Eagles plus-6.5.

CAROLINA over WASHINGTON, Monday during 7:30 p.m.

I have no thought that Panthers group is going to uncover up, that is since this one is a final of my 16 picks. If a Cammy who played final week shows up, it’s tough to see how a Redskins can stop him. If he doesn’t, well, flip a coin. Still, Carolina and a fifth-ranked rushing invulnerability should be means to extent Rob Kelley and put some-more vigour on Kirk Cousins, that is adequate to give them a slight nod. Against a spread: Panthers plus-4.5.

* Spreads are collected from oddsshark.com on Monday of any week.


Last week’s picks: Det over Chi (WIN true up, LOSS opposite spread, Det -7.5); NE over Balt (WIN SU, WIN ATS, Balt +7.5); Min over Jax (WIN SU, WIN ATS, Min -3.5); Indy over Hou (LOSS SU, LOSS ATS, Indy -4.5); TB over NO (WIN SU, WIN ATS, TB -2.5); Dal over NYG (LOSS SU, LOSS ATS, Dal -2.5); Atl over LA (WIN SU, LOSS ATS, LA +6.5); Den over Ten (LOSS SU, LOSS ATS, Den, even); Pit over Buf (WIN SU, WIN ATS, Pit -1.5); Ari over Mia (LOSS SU, LOSS ATS, Ari +1.5); Car over SD (WIN SU, WIN ATS, Car, even); Sea over GB (LOSS SU, LOSS ATS, Sea -2.5); KC over Oak (WIN SU, WIN ATS, KC -3.5); SF over NYJ (LOSS SU, LOSS ATS, SF, even); Phil over Wash (LOSS SU, LOSS ATS, Phil, even); Cle over Cin (LOSS SU, LOSS ATS, Cle +6.5.


Week 14: 8-8. SEASON: 132-74 (.641).


Week 14: 6-10. Favorite ATS: Cleveland +6.5, L (10-4). Second favorite: Minnesota -3.5, W (8-6). Least favorite, Kansas City -3.5, W (9-5). SEASON: 112-95 (.541) or 111-96 (.536).


Week 14: Saints true adult (W), TB -2.5 ATS (W). Season: (10-3 true up, 9-4 ATS).

POINT LEADERS (in Pick ‘Em Contest)

Week 14: Samuel Quinon, 124 points of a probable 136. (Jim Derry: 85, T84th place out of 114)

Overall: Paul Turcotte, 1,180/1,657. (Jim Derry: 1,131, 10th place out of 260)


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