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Nicki Minaj, Kanye West go after Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, respectively …

Wildest looks during a 2015 VMAs

Stars uncover off their bizarre and voluptuous styles during a 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. 

This year a MTV Video Music Awards were reduction about a awards and some-more about a play between a celebrities. So there’s no some-more bad blood between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, though did Minaj stir adult something with Miley Cyrus this time? 

Minaj non-stop a uncover with a crash as she achieved dual of her songs, “Trini Dem Girls” and “The Night Is Still Young.” However, a uncover interlude impulse occurred when Swift and Minaj squashed their argument by behaving together. The twin finished a rapper’s opening by singing “Bad Blood” together. 

Swift and Minaj had a quarrel of difference on Twitter progressing this year after a rapper pronounced she was dissapoint she didn’t acquire a assignment for video of a year, tweeting, “If your video celebrates women with really slim bodies, we will be nominated for vid of a year.” She also tweeted, “When a ‘other’ girls dump a video that breaks annals and impacts enlightenment they get that nomination.” 

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Swift responded, “I’ve finished zero though adore support you. It’s distinct we to array women opposite any other. Maybe one of a group took your slot.”

After squashing that fight, Minaj might have started another. As she went to accept her endowment for Best Hip Hop video, a “Anaconda” star called out Cyrus for revelation a New York Times she was “not really polite,” among other things, per tweets about a VMAs. 

After thanking her Pastor Lydia, Minaj looked to Miley and said, “Now behind to this dog who had a lot to contend about me a other day in a press…Miley what’s good?” 

Cyrus looked momentarily dumbfounded though congratulated Minaj and continued a uncover with a certain attitude. 

“We’re all in this attention and we all do interviews and we know how they can manipulate s**t. Nicki, congratulations,” she said. 

Taylor Swift and Kanye West finished their six-year-old argument as she presented him a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Swift said, “I have been a fan of his given we can remember since Kanye defines what it is to be a artistic force in music, fashion, and well, life.” 

West supposed a endowment afterwards angry Justin Timberlake and his Grammy win, slammed MTV, certified he was high and announced his candidacy for presidency in 2020.

Regarding Timberlake, he said, “I just, we sat during a Grammys and saw Justin Timberlake and Cee Lo lose,” West said. “Gnarls Barkley and a ‘Sexyback’ album… Justin, we ain’t perplexing to put we on blast though we saw that male in tears bro. And we was meditative like, he deserved to win manuscript of a year. And a tiny box that we are as entertainers of a evening, how could we explain that?”

Timberlake tweeted about a situation, “Kanye is so cute, y’all” and afterwards “ Jokes, we guys…Jokes  #chill.” 

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