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Nike, Inc. Delivers Another Great Quarter

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Nike results: The tender numbers


What happened with Nike this quarter?

  • Had it not been for a disastrous effects of unfamiliar banking exchange, income would have climbed 8%.
  • For perspective, Nike’s superintendence provided in September called for quarterly income to boost in a mid-single-digit percent range, or some-more privately during or somewhat next a reported futures enlargement during a time of 5% (7% during consistent currency).
  • Revenue enlargement was driven by clever tellurian consumer demand, including an 8% constant-currency boost in Nike code revenue, to $7.7 billion.
  • Within that Nike code total, on a geographic basis:
    • North American income grew 3% year over year, to $3.65 billion.
    • Revenue in Western Europe climbed 7% year over year (12% incompatible currencies), to $1.385 billion.
    • Revenue in Central and Eastern Europe rose 1% year over year (with a immaterial currencies impact), to $328 million.
    • Revenue in Greater China grew 12% year over year (17% incompatible currencies), to $1.055 billion.
    • Revenue in Japan increasing 16% year over year (but fell 2% incompatible currencies), to $238 million.
    • Emerging markets income grew 6% year over year (13% incompatible currencies), to $1.047 billion.
  • By Nike code product segment:
    • Footwear income grew 5% year over year (7% during consistent currency), to $4.82 billion.
    • Apparel income increasing 7% year over year (9% during consistent currency), to $2.54 billion.
    • Equipment income rose usually somewhat year over year (up 2% during consistent currency), to $346 million.
    • Global code groups revenue, that consists essentially of Nike code licensing, grew 17%, to $21 million.
  • Converse code income grew 5% year over year, to $416 million.
  • On a bottom line, Nike bolstered per-share gain by repurchasing 17 million shares for roughly $900 million during a quarter, as partial of a desirous four-year, $12 billion buyback certified in Nov 2015. As of a finish of this November, Nike had repurchased 56 million shares for $3.1 billion underneath that program.
  • Gross domain fell 140 basement points year over year, to 44.2%, driven by aloft product costs, banking headwinds, and aloft off-price sales as Nike works to rebalance a supply.
  • Inventories climbed 9% year over year, to $5 billion during a quarter’s end, driven by a multiple of a 1% boost in Nike code indiscriminate section inventories, aloft normal product costs from product mix, and register increases associated to enlargement in Nike’s direct-to-consumer business.
  • The entertain finished with $5.9 billion in money and investments, down $173 million year over year as net income enlargement and debt distribution deduction were equivalent by share repurchases, division increases, infrastructure investments, and reduce material perceived from counterparties underneath Nike’s banking hedging program.

What government had to say

CEO Mark Parker stated:

Nike’s ability to conflict a opportunities that consistently expostulate enlargement over a nearby and prolonged tenure is what sets us apart. With industry-defining creation platforms, rarely expected signature basketball styles and some-more personalized sell practice on a horizon, we are good positioned to lift a movement into a behind half of a mercantile year and beyond.

Looking forward

Last quarter, Nike CFO Andy Campion remarkable that while futures are “still an critical aspect of [Nike’s] business model,” they’re also increasingly reduction correlated with a company’s tangible reported income growth. For this disparity, investors can appreciate a multiple of of aloft direct-to-consumer revenue, that is reported formed on a full sell cost to consumers (in contrariety to futures, that are reported on a indiscriminate basis), as good as a fact that other flourishing income sources are not included in futures orders, including Converse, Nike Factory Stores, and a At Once business.

With that in mind, during a successive discussion call, government suggested that currency-neutral futures orders grew 2% year over year, including a 1% boost in units and a 1% grant from aloft normal offered prices. Futures as reported are prosaic on a year-over-year basis.

Meanwhile, Nike continues to expect income enlargement for a full mercantile year to be in a high-single-digit to low-double-digit range, including mid-single-digit reported income enlargement for a (current) mercantile third quarter. Also in a second half of a mercantile year, Nike expects North American income to continue to overtake futures and lapse to sum domain expansion.

That’s not to contend Nike’s formula this entertain were totally awe-inspiring. But they were certainly plain if anything else and enclosed really small for long-term investors not to like. In a end, Nike is as clever as ever, and we consider shareholders should be some-more than gratified with a position today.

Article source: http://www.fool.com/investing/2016/12/20/nike-inc-delivers-another-great-quarter.aspx