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No Storybook Ending for Serena Williams. Instead, a Wimbledon Title for Angelique Kerber.

Against Williams, she won a initial set with her signature shot: a forehand leader down a line. And when Kerber served for a match, Williams threw adult a high defensive shot during 30-30 that landed deep, a shot that compulsory Kerber to beget a pace. She did not cringe from a responsibility. She coolly nailed another forehand down a line that landed on a conflicting baseline with a smoke of marker for another winner.

When Williams mislaid a subsequent point, a final point, with a backhand lapse into a net, Kerber forsaken her racket, pitched brazen onto her knees and began to cry as she lay on a weed and a dirt.

She and Williams shortly met on Kerber’s side of a net for an extended embrace.

This is apropos a Grand Slam tradition, this contrariety of styles. And Kerber has now won dual of their 3 duels in vital finals: defeating Williams in a 2016 Australian Open final, losing to Williams in a 2016 Wimbledon final and winning on Saturday.

Kerber, who also won a United States Open in 2016, owns titles during 3 of a 4 Grand Slam events, lacking usually a French Open.

Williams has won all 4 majors during slightest 3 times, but, for now, her sum stays during 23 — one brief of Court’s record.

“It’s a outrageous thing for her, entrance behind after a final few months to being in a final,” Kerber said. “For certain she was perplexing to do all to kick me today, though I’m certain she will take her subsequent Grand Slam and she will make story for sure.”

Fissette, who has now coached 5 players who have beaten Williams, pronounced he felt her comparatively easy draw, in that she faced no seeded players in a initial 5 rounds, competence have done it formidable for her to find a required rigging on Saturday.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/14/sports/serena-williams-angelique-kerber-wimbledon.html