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North Korea issues troops hazard as tensions with South Korea rise

Paju, South Korea (CNN)North Korea summarized an final Friday to a southern neighbor: Stop a “provocations” and “psychological warfare” or compensate a price.

“If South Korea does not respond to a ultimatum,” North Korean U.N. envoy An Myong Hun told reporters, “our infantry counter-attack will be unavoidable and that counter-attack will be really strong.”

North Korea’s regime, famous for being both thin-skinned and fond of saber rattling, has done copiousness of threats before. In fact, articulating derogative and intimidating difference about South Korea and a United States has been some-more a normal than not for years.

What creates this box different, though, is that dual South Korean soldiers have been severely bleeding (by landmines Aug 4 in a Demilitarized Zone) and that there’s been banishment back-and-forth given then. An pronounced Friday that “all a (North Korean) frontline vast total units (have) entered into a wartime state … entirely armed to launch any warn operations and finish their preparations for action.”

Specifically, this hazard is tied to cross-border promotion loudspeakers that South Korea resumed regulating final week for a initial time in a decade. Pyongyang is perfectionist they be incited off by Saturday evening.

“The conditions of a nation is now inching closer to a margin of war,” Ji Jae Ryong, North Korean envoy to China, told reporters in Beijing on Friday.