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NTSB looking into pile-up of Facebook’s outrageous Aquila drone

Everything went great, solely for one (not so) tiny detail

Here’s an peculiar follow-up to story from behind in June. At a time, we and a lot of other tech news outlets were vehement about a initial moody of Facebook’s unconventional Aquila internet-delivery drone, that seemed to go spectacularly well, even drifting around good past a approaching time in a sky.

Now, the NTSB is investigating after a worker apparently crashed while landing, something that Facebook didn’t unequivocally prominence that day. According to Bloomberg, a 141-foot far-reaching worker suffered a “structural failure” on alighting proceed and was “substantially damaged” – as in, it couldn’t fly anymore. Facebook remarkable a disaster deep in a post-flight wrap-up, though never unequivocally pronounced anything about a drone crashing.

The Aquila worker is designed to lamp a internet down to areas with no coverage for months during a time. Facebook says it is a initial of many drones, and growth will continue.

Now if we could only have Rose Black phones

It looks like Jet Black is a new black, as Samsung says it will introduce a glossy black version of their flagship phone, a Galaxy S7. Previously, a Galaxy Note 7, that we competence have listened of, was Samsung’s customary dispatcher of discriminating ebony, though what with a remember and bursting battery problems, it looks like they motionless to fill a cavity in time for a holidays with a S7.

Apple’s glossy jet black iPhone 7 Plus has been a large hit, and as we’ve seen with bullion and rose bullion and now jet black, what color a phone is seems roughly as critical as what a phone can do.

Because Apple Stores aren’t swarming adequate already

Been meditative about some new Apple rigging for a holidays? Well, you’re in fitness as it appears a tech hulk will have some one-day-only Black Friday specials going on… this Friday.

Apple upheld on any Black Friday shenanigans final year, though after a few soothing gain reports, it looks like they’re now prepared to lure us with all demeanour of tech toys, from a common suspects like a iPhone and Watch, to some things we competence not expect, like a new DJI Mavic Drone and a friendly new Cozmo Robot.

No Black Friday pricing has been announced yet, you’ll have to wait until Friday, apparently. Apple stores will have stretched hours for a eventuality and of course, we can use a Apple Store app to emporium right from your Apple device.

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