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Nuclear NKorea Is No Paper Tiger

Twenty-four hours after a U.S. swayed a United Nations to levy what is advertised by a Obama administration as a toughest sanctions nonetheless on North Korea, for a bootleg arch and barb tests of Jan. 6 and Feb. 7, on Mar 3, tyrant Kim Jong Un responded by grouping his armed army to be prepared to use arch weapons “at any time” and to be prepared to make a “preemptive attack.”

China’s late tyrant Mao Tse-tung once derided a United States as a “paper tiger,” yet was reminded by Soviet tyrant Nikita Khrushchev “that paper tiger has arch teeth.”

Western media that frequently dismisses as small boast Kim Jong Un’s visit threats to make arch barb strikes opposite a United States should remember — and should news — that a North Korean tyrant is able of delivering on his threats.

North Korea has 6 mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), armed with arch warheads, able of reaching a western United States, maybe as distant as Chicago, according to “Military and Security Developments Involving a Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea,” a new Defense Department report.

North Korea also has 50 medium-range Nodong missiles, during slightest some of them arch armed, that can strech South Korea, Japan, U.S. troops bases located there, and a U.S. mainland if launched from a freighter.

Senior inhabitant confidence experts from a Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations have warned regularly in articles and congressional testimony that North Korea’s KSM-3 and KSM-4 satellites circuit over a United States during a best locus and altitude to hedge U.S. early warning radars and inhabitant barb defenses and make a warn electromagnetic beat (EMP) conflict on a constant 48 United States.

The Congressional EMP Commission warned that an EMP conflict that blacks-out a North American electric grid for one year could kill adult to 90 percent of a race by starvation and governmental collapse.

The North American Aerospace Defense authority (NORAD) and some other troops commands are relocating pivotal resources behind into a subterraneous fort inside Cheyenne Mountain. NORAD is spending $700 million to serve harden a fort opposite EMP conflict from North Korea or other actors.

The U.S. arch halt can erase North Korea, and that cause certainly has prevented Kim Jong Un from behaving on his threats, so far.

However, in a autarchic predicament even a challenging U.S. arch halt competence destroy to forestall a arch conflict from North Korea — as it unsuccessful to forestall North Korean charge during a Korean War.

Nuclear anticipation hinges on positive plea opposite an aggressor. But North Korea could shun plea if it creates a arch conflict anonymously, by rising a barb off a freighter, for example.

An EMP conflict by satellite competence also be executed anonymously, given there are so many satellites in low-earth-orbit. EMP conflict will destroy satellites, belligerent stations, and other comprehension resources required to brand a origins of a strike.

An EMP conflict could also hypnotize U.S. vital communications and army required for retaliation.

Deterrence speculation also assumes that a counter is a receptive actor, that Kim Jong Un is not.

The North Korean tyrant is so paranoid that over a past year he has executed tighten kin and dozens of his tip troops officers. A sadist, he watched a arch of his armed army being bloody detached by an anti-aircraft gun in an arena, since a aged male fell defunct during a meeting.

Hundreds of thousands of people are being worked to genocide in thoroughness camps since a tyrant suspects they are disloyal.

Paranoid Kim Jong Un is wholly able of devising an general predicament where nothing exists. He could remonstrate himself that a U.S. is about to conflict “necessitating” that North Korea launch an all-out arch war.

Deterrence historically has also not worked good opposite megalomaniacs who consider themselves to be demigods.

North Korea is strictly atheist. In reality, it is a theocracy that worships Kim Jong Un.

State media report him as carrying abnormal capabilities, including during some open events presumably sporting a boundless halo.

Caligula, a insane Roman emperor, is remembered to story as an instance that “absolute energy corrupts absolutely.” Caligula’s barbarous energy of comprehensive energy lasted reduction than 4 years. Kim Jong Un hereditary his comprehensive energy from his father and grandfather, scion to a energy of guileful comprehensive energy travelling 68 years.

Kim Jong Un is Caligula in a third era — armed with arch weapons.

What is to be done?

A some-more robust response is indispensable than a Obama administration’s warning to North Korea to refrain from provocations, and promulgation an aircraft conduit to encourage U.S. allies.

President Obama should immediately fire down a KSM-3 and KSM-4 satellites, and make a general breach on barb tests by North Korea by intercepting any missiles launched, or by destroying them on a launch pad with surgical strikes.

Congress should immediately pass a Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (CIPA) requiring a Department of Homeland Security to strengthen a American people from an EMP attack.

CIPA upheld a House unanimously and now awaits movement in a Senate.

The boss and Congress should work together to revive a Strategic Defense Initiative — that was foolishly canceled by President Bill Clinton for ideological reasons, even yet a record was prepared to deploy.

Space-based barb invulnerability can put an “iron dome” over a U.S. and a allies and is a usually technological pathway toward digest arch missiles obsolete.

Ironically, SDI — a most derided Star Wars — is a usually picturesque approach to grasp President Reagan’s and President Obama’s common prophesy of a universe but arch weapons.

Peter Vincent Pry is executive executive of a EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security and a U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum. He served in a Congressional Strategic Posture Commission, a House Armed Services Committee, and a CIA. He is author of “Blackout Wars.

Article source: http://www.newsmax.com/World/GlobalTalk/Defense-Missile-Missiles/2016/03/04/id/717484/