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Oculus only mislaid the arrangement guru

Oculus is losing one of a tip arrangement engineers, with Mary Lou Jepsen announcing she is to leave a Facebook-owned VR company. Jepsen suggested her depart while vocalization during a Anita Borg Institute’s 2016 Women of Vision Awards Banquet this week, observant that she felt it was time to “work on restorative diseases” instead.

Jepsen assimilated Oculus a small over a year ago, where among other things she led a company’s opto-electronic and arrangement pattern and production for products like a Rift practical existence headset. Before that, she had been conduct of Google[X]’s arrangement division, obliged for dual “moonshot” products that are still confidential.

Leaks from a organisation suggested one of those projects was an variable multi-screen complement that could seamlessly link and unlink several displays in real-time.

However, Jepsen arguably done her name in a tech universe for her work on a One Laptop Per Child project, afterwards a Pixel Qi association she helped settle to make low-power, ultra-frugal displays.

Now it’s clearly time for another change, with Jepsen observant that she skeleton to “work on restorative diseases regulating some new imaging technologies I’ve been incubating for a while.”

Exactly what those technologies competence be isn’t transparent during this stage, yet this isn’t a initial time we’ve listened about an seductiveness in both digital health and wearables from a engineer.

In 2013, while still employed during Google, a Google Glass-sporting Jepsen described wearable tech as “a approach of amplifying you” and likely that computer-aided memory would one day assistance those pang from neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s to remember people and objects around them.

Returning to a theme a following year for a TED speak presentation, Jepsen described how MRI systems could review and encode memories, and even “dump a ideas directly to digital media.”

Though a speak was rarely theoretical, Jepsen did hold on some specific use-cases. For instance, regulating organic captivating inflection imaging record (fMRI) “to magnitude not only oxygenated blood flow, though a hormones and neurotransmitters … and maybe even a approach neural activity, that is a dream.”

This week, a subsequent theatre of that course was summarized even further, with Jepsen observant that her idea is to precipitate MRI record into something that could fit into a wearable device.

Imaging sensors that can lane blood upsurge have already been used by some wearables – TomTom had a using watch that used a record in 2014, for instance – and rumors speculated forward of a first-generation Apple Watch that it would use optical sensors to figure out blood oxygen in a non-intrusive manner.

Some reports suggested that Apple’s skeleton there were scaled behind after realizing that it would be forced to put a Apple Watch by costly, time-consuming FDA contrast if it were to make some-more critical health monitoring claims than a common smartwatch transport of beat and pedometer counts.

For Oculus, it’s positively a loss, though Jepsen’s investigate could have distant broader implications than even Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of destiny practical and protracted existence . Still, Jepsen leaves behind another former Google moonshot expert, after Regina Dugan announced final month that she was withdrawal a ATAP organisation to start adult a cutting-edge growth organisation called “Building 8” during Facebook.

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