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Odessa Demonstrators Burn Putin in Effigy to Protest Savchenko Trial

Demonstrators in a Ukrainian city of Odessa have burnt a manikin of Russian President Vladimir Putin in criticism opposite a hearing of Ukrainian commander Nadezhda Savchenko, internal online news site Segodnya.ua reported Wednesday.

The manikin — with a face of Putin decorated as Adolf Hitler — was burnt by a protesters in front of a Russian consulate. The demonstrators threw eggs and cosmetic bags filled with paint during a building, a news website reported.

The Odessa convene in support of Savchenko was attended by around 100 people, according to a TASS news agency. A series of protesters attempted to mangle into a consulate and military used batons and rip gas to repel them.

Earlier on Wednesday, several hundred demonstrators in Kiev demanded that Moscow recover a detained commander and pelted a Russian Embassy with stones and bottles filled with iodine, a TASS news group reported.

Protesters have been aggressive a Russian Embassy in Kiev given Mar 6. On Wednesday, dual rows of policemen cordoned off a building, according to TASS.

Ukrainian helicopter commander Nadezhda Savchenko has been on hearing in Russia on charges of aiding a murdering of dual Russian reporters during a dispute in eastern Ukraine. Savchenko’s hearing and seizure has been cursed in Ukraine and a West.

On Mar 3, Savchenko started a dry craving strike in criticism opposite a settlement of a justice to postpone her shutting statement.

The final outcome will be announced by a justice on Mar 21-22.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/562004.html