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Oklahoma vs. Texas score: No. 19 Longhorns dissapoint No. 7 Sooners, arrive in Big 12 pretension race

Texas is behind … in a Big 12 championship hunt … and it’s interjection to beginner kicker Cameron Dicker of all people. Dicker nailed a 40-yard go-ahead margin idea with usually 14 seconds left to give a No. 19 Longhorns a 48-45 win on Saturday over No. 7 Oklahoma after a mad swell by a Sooners late during a Red River Showdown.

The feat finished adult being many tighter than expected, yet that’s a beauty of adversary games. The Longhorns had a 45-24 lead going into a fourth entertain yet consumed it by a array of regressive calls. For a minute, it looked like Texas competence indeed blow a whole thing. 

However, Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger, who was shining all day, had one final descent expostulate in him with about 2:38 left to get a Horns into margin idea range. The win is a fifth loyal for Texas on a deteriorate and a initial over Oklahoma given 2015. Has a waves totally incited in a Big 12? We shall find out over a rest of a season. In a meantime, here’s what we schooled from Saturday’s thriller … 

1. Texas isn’t “back” yet, yet it’s a closest it’s been: Texas looked “back” when it was adult 45-24 streamer into a fourth entertain … and afterwards it soon blew a 21-point lead by permitting Oklahoma to measure 3 discerning touchdowns in about a six-minute stretch. That’s not “back,” yet regardless, a win was a biggest underneath manager Tom Herman and could indeed symbol a loyal branch indicate for a program. Remember: it’s been scarcely a decade given a Horns were nationally applicable like this. 

As for when we can strictly announce Texas as “back” and put a meme to bed for good, let’s see how Texas does relocating forward. Herman has a knack for being a good underdog. He’s now 10-4 altogether and 13-1 opposite a widespread in these situations. His record is many reduction model as a favorite. And chances are Texas will be a favorite for a remaining games. 

2. Quarterback Sam Ehlinger is a many assured he’s ever been: The renouned observant about Texas is that it was a efficient quarterback divided from being a 10-win group again. Consider that hole filled. Ehlinger looked totally in authority with 386 sum yards of offense and 5 touchdowns. And while his stats were excellent, what’s equally considerable is how gentle he looks during a line of struggle dictating a play.

Texas’ offense is not complicated. Its best concepts engage using Ehlinger in short-yardage situations while utilizing a multiple of Keaontay Ingram and Tre Watson out of a backfield. In a flitting game, Ehlinger loves to strike Collin Johnson over a tip in one-on-one coverage or get Lil’Jordan Humphrey involved. These are big-bodied players who can flesh their approach for outrageous gains and together they total for 214 yards receiving and dual touchdowns. 

It’s taken a while for a Longhorns to have coherence executing a things they do well, yet they arrived during that indicate on Saturday. If Johnson was open on a slant, Ehlinger went behind to him after on a same play. If Ehlinger was unstoppable on QB sweeps, Texas ran it again and dared Oklahoma to stop it. One diversion does not make a trend, yet if Texas has found itself, it’s going to be tough for small Big 12 defenses to stop. 

3. Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray is still a lie code: Texas did a good pursuit for many of a diversion corralling Murray and removing to him before plays had a possibility to develop. But you’re not going to stop him from creation plays for all 60 minutes. Murray was a small sloppier with a round than common — he had a bad interception in a initial entertain and a fail in a third entertain — yet when he takes off running, no one can locate him. Seriously: Watch a speed on this 67-yard touchdown run. He’s a singular talent, and while veteran ball is his future, he’s doing usually excellent in this football thing. 

4. Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops competence be on a approach out: It’s been a prolonged time coming, yet Oklahoma could pierce on from Stoops for good — be it now or during a finish of a year. These are a forms of games that get a coordinator fired. Oklahoma gave adult usually over 500 yards during 6.68 yards per play. What’s some-more is that a Sooners were definitely unable to stop Texas from doing a dual or 3 things it does consistently. The Longhorns always knew they could run energy with Ehlinger or strike Johnson over a middle. 

Unfortunately, there’s not always a lot a manager can do about that mid-game. Texas has a distance advantage and no volume of coaching was going to change that. However, a manager can recompense by creation certain players are in a right spots to during slightest make plays. That didn’t happen, either. On approach too many occasions, Oklahoma defenders were out of position, losing contain, holding bad angles and not rebellious well. That done a formidable matchup even harder. 

There are big-picture issues Oklahoma needs to address. Smaller defensive backs were bullied around and that usually changes by recruiting or transfer/JUCO help. But we also have to work with what we have and Stoops’ invulnerability didn’t assistance matters. Frustration with a longtime DC has been building in a fanbase for a while. This competence have been a tipping point. 

CBS Sports was with we a whole approach Saturday updating this story with highlights and research from a Red River Showdown. Check them out below.

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