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On ‘Daytona’ and ‘Ye,’ Kanye West Proves a Strengths (and Limitations) of a Short Album

At first, Pusha-T wasn’t on house with a idea. Kanye West pitched him on a array of albums from their artists on G.O.O.D. Music: An manuscript any week, for 5 weeks, any with usually 7 tracks. Pusha’s would be a initial to be released, and a 7 lane extent would meant slicing songs that were prepared to go for King Push, his long-awaited follow-up to 2015’s King Push — Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude. But a thought was simple: “I think, in 7 songs, we can get all we wish off, and we can have a many concise, strongest plan ever,” is what Kanye told Pusha, according to a new talk with New York Magazine. “Oh, I’m a guinea pig?” Pusha recalled.

The gambit worked. Last Friday, Pusha-T expelled Daytona, a firmly wound square of lyricism over 7 of West’s best beats this side of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Since a release, it’s been hailed as a sharpest chronicle of Pusha-T to date, his best work (at smallest as a solo artist), and expected a best swat manuscript to be expelled so distant this year. It contains dual decades of ceaselessly sensory skills that, due to a brief runtime, are honed to a diabolical point. By jettisoning any flourishes, anything nonessential during all, Daytona is an artistic matter boiled down to a purest distillation, and feels longer than a tracklist suggests. “I was really wrong about a 7 not being enough,” Pusha went on to tell New York

If Daytona feels like a platonic ideal of a laser-focused matter album, Kanye West’s seven-track solo bid Ye – that was livestreamed final night and released this morning – feels like a opposite. It’s a tide of alertness practice rather than precisely weighed storytelling. Daytona sounds like it took 20 years to make; it’s transparent Ye was done in a past month. When it spasmodic touches on genuine universe events, Ye is a light apologia for his controversial, Donald Trump-courting run-up to this release, an attempt during explaining himself and disclaiming his critics, mostly in a same breath. At usually 23 minutes, it not usually feels like Kanye’s shortest manuscript (it’s about half a length of Yeezus), yet his slightest.

While Daytona felt considerable from a initial listen, Ye’s sudden 20 mins yield a opposite advantage: we can listen to it quickly. Kanye albums have always rewarded repeat listens. On Ye, he’s found a proceed to supercharge that quality.

Though a initial listen felt lukewarm during best, carrying a event to listen to it 3 times an hour has helped Ye immensely. It’s a ubiquitous order that a some-more we listen to an manuscript a improved it sounds (though this order has copiousness of exceptions), and Kanye, loyal to form, has supposing adequate on Ye that mixed listens are rewarded. It’s still too early to make a qualitative settlement on an manuscript like this after a matter of hours, and there might not be adequate to expose here that will support a weight of months of listens, yet a fact that I’ve been means to run by it tens of times in a matter of hours has pushed my opinion in a certain instruction any go-around. And, in that sense, even some-more than Daytona, Ye feels like an remedy to a streaming-induced grow that’s turn a normal for topline hip-hop albums in a few years.

Other albums from this year, like MigosCulture II and Rae Sremmurd’s SR3MM — both clocking in during over 20 songs and 1:40 runtimes — challenge a thought of an manuscript done to be listened to in a singular setting, opting instead to take a scattershot proceed to hitmaking that puts a responsibility on a listener to find what they like, and drop a rest. The best proceed to listen to these albums is to listen once, make a playlist, and embody a songs we favourite best, culling a outlay into something manageable. Streaming-optimized listening for streaming-optimized albums. 

With a brief runtime, Ye doesn’t make that an option. Instead, it orderly creates a easiest proceed to listen to it usually gripping it on repeat; it ends so unexpected any time that acid for something else to listen to seems like a rubbish of time, and manuscript opener “I Thought About Killing You” is a strongest track, a easiest sell when it starts adult again. we listened to a manuscript twice in full on my invert to a bureau this morning though any hesitation.

While a manuscript itself is light on explanations for a creator’s past 6 weeks, a repeatability has proven that there’s some-more to find here than startle and outrage. Presumably, by a time I’ve listened to Ye 30 or 40 times, a correlated arise in venerate will finish off, yet for now it’s a lovely feeling to put an manuscript on repeat, if usually for a day.

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