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On Politics: Trump ‘Not Happy’ With Border Deal

A supervision review found that given of a new shutdown, fewer taxpayer calls to a Internal Revenue Service were answered, wait times grew longer and a estimate of 87,000 nice taxation earnings was delayed. The emanate was generally strident given it followed Mr. Trump’s taxation overhaul, that left many people with questions about filing their returns.

Tens of thousands of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan were unprotected to poisonous substances from alfresco rabble fires, that some trust caused long-term health problems. Members of Congress wish to force a Pentagon and a Department of Veterans Affairs to understanding with a issue.

The behaving invulnerability secretary, Patrick M. Shanahan, arrived in Baghdad for an unannounced visit, amid questions about either some of a American infantry slated for withdrawal from Syria might be sent to Iraq.

Mr. Trump pronounced he would cruise loitering a Mar 2 deadline for a trade understanding with China if negotiations with Beijing went well. He pronounced that if a dual countries were tighten to a deal, he could let a emanate “slide for a small while” and not levy aloft tariffs on Chinese goods.

Less than dual weeks ago, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia was on a verge of apropos governor. But his ceiling career arena took a pointy spin when two women came brazen with passionate attack allegations.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/12/us/politics/trump-border-deal-shutdown.html