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On Politics: Trump Ordered Kushner’s Security Clearance

Mr. Trump announced on Thursday that infantry “took over 100 percent” of domain tranquil by a Islamic State in Syria. “It’s 100 percent not true,” one comparison central said.

For many Americans, a testimony of Mr. Trump’s ex-fixer Michael Cohen was only one some-more radio show, doing small to change how they already felt about a president, good or bad.

Mr. Cohen’s testimony about Mr. Trump’s potentially criminal control has not changed House Democratic leaders closer to initiating impeachment proceedings. They see endless, overlapping investigations as a some-more deleterious march of action.

Mr. Trump and his tip mercantile advisers have sent a series of opposing messages about a standing of trade talks with China: A understanding is possibly imminent, still out of strech or somewhere in between.

• The House upheld a magnitude to extend, to 10 days from three, a time a F.B.I. has to control credentials checks for gun purchasers flagged by an present check system.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/01/us/politics/jared-kushner-security-clearance.html