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On Politics: Trump Says Border Talks Are a ‘Waste of Time’

Good Friday morning. Here are some of a stories creation news in Washington and politics today.


In a extensive Oval Office interview, President Trump told The New York Times that negotiating with Congress over his long-sought limit wall was a “waste of time” and that he would substantially take movement on it himself. He also spoke about a Russia review and a 2020 election. Here are five takeaways from a interview.

The Senate, in a severe bipartisan reprove to Mr. Trump’s unfamiliar policy, modernized legislation to demonstrate strong antithesis to his preference to lift infantry from Syria and Afghanistan.

After dual months of being cooped adult in a White House, Mr. Trump will spend a weekend during his oasis, a place where he is many comfortable: Mar-a-Lago.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/01/us/politics/on-politics-trump-interview-border-wall.html