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‘Operation Tulip’ Takes Prosecutors Offline for Google Tax Raid

French investigators avoided a Internet, stranded to word processors and renamed Google ‘Tulip’ to forestall leaks as they prepared a tip taxation raid during a company’s Paris offices final week.

“We motionless to never complete a word ‘Google,’ to give a organisation another name” and “we worked on this box entirely offline for scarcely a year,” Eliane Houlette, a financial prosecutor, pronounced in a Sunday talk on French radio Europe1.

French military and prosecutors swooped on Google’s Paris offices final Tuesday, heightening a tax-fraud examine amid accusations opposite Europe that a Alphabet Inc. section fails to pay a satisfactory share. France has called on a association to compensate behind taxes of about 1.6 billion euros ($1.8 billion).

“We worked with computers, though flattering most usually with word processing.” Total confidentiality was pivotal “given a activities of a company,” Houlette said. “The name ‘Tulip’ came adult since a mom boat was purebred in a Netherlands.”

Irish Unit

The raids are partial of a rough rapist review non-stop in Jun 2015 after French taxation authorities lodged a complaint, a nation’s financial prosecutor said. The examine is seeking to determine either Google’s Irish section has permanent investiture in France and either a organisation unsuccessful to announce partial of a revenues in France.

Google orator Al Verney didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

“Through Google France — that employs about 700 people — they strike promotion deals with industrial and mercantile operators, nonetheless this association is a front,” she said. “Google says a Irish company” handles a work. “This is a box of permanent-establishment avoidance.” Google “nearly doesn’t compensate any taxes,” according to Houlette.

Criminal investigations take a while in France, and this box won’t be an exception.

“We’ve collected a lot of data, several terabytes we believe,” Houlette said. Analyzing that immeasurable volume of information “will take months, we wish not years.” Investigators have “limited” technological means and would need “extremely fit software” value about 200,000 euros to speed adult their work.

“It’s flattering most a quarrel between David and Goliath,” she said.

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