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Optics Balzers Now Producing in Malaysia

BALZERS, Liechtenstein–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Business in Asia is booming; Optics Balzers has determined the
prolongation comforts during a new site in Malaysia as scheduled and has
instituted a initial exam runs. The central opening is scheduled for
Nov 21, 2016.

In early September, Optics Balzers has started to settle production
with around 30 new employees in Penang on a west seashore of Malaysia.
According to Alex Vogt, CEO of Optics Balzers, it is becoming
increasingly transparent that a vital preference to settle a new
prolongation site in Malaysia was a good one: “There have been various
inquiries about high-quantity prolongation projects from potential
business in Asia, and these resulted in tangible orders really quickly.”
Vogt is looking brazen to a central opening ceremony, that will
embody a debate by a Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, who is
a conduct of supervision of a Malaysian state of Penang. During the
celebrations on Nov 18, 2016, Vogt and his group will yield guided
tours of a prolongation comforts and benefaction products in a showroom.
A accepting and a normal dragon dance will interpretation the

Successful teamwork

Vogt explains that a prompt start of prolongation is usually possible
since a group of about 10 staff members was sent from Balzers to
Malaysia to support a start-up phase. However, a poignant share of
a staff was recruited in Malaysia. Vogt stresses, “It was very
critical for us to be means to rest on good teamwork right from the
outset.” Vogt says that a subsequent few months are mostly directed during handing
over a responsibilities of a prolongation slight to a internal staff
while ensuring unchanging quality. He explains that a dilettante staff
will afterwards be means to lapse to their particular sites in Europe, where
they will once again be in assign of serve new developments and
severe patron projects.

New site, new products

Both a mutation of a existent skill and a substructure of
a association could be achieved in an scarcely quick manner. After the
association union in February, a machine was commissioned as early
as August. The processes are now being approved in accordance
with a determined peculiarity standards. According to Vogt, the
prolongation site in Malaysia is a ideal serve to a domicile in
Balzers, Liechtenstein, and to a German plant in Jena. Vogt adds that
prolongation is being stretched rather than relocated: “The new production
site enables us to feat a marketplace opportunities immediately and
helps us to purposefully raise a marketplace shares in Asia with new
patron projects and new products.”

Attractive destiny markets

The company’s concentration is going to be on manifest solutions for applications
in appealing destiny markets. Vogt gives a instance of computer-based
applications to support or raise tellurian notice of existence (“augmented
reality”) and a origination of manifest worlds before not manifest to the
eye (“virtual reality”). Another instance of a different fields of
focus for Optics Balzers products are mini- or pico-projectors.
The direct for these inclination is extended serve by dual stream mega
trends that call for worldly manifest components: “wearables” –
micro mechanism inclination that are ragged on a physique and support in everyday
activities – and “internet of things (IoT)” – a network of intelligent
earthy objects that increasingly reinstate computers. Vogt explains,
“Not usually do a components assistance facilitate a daily slight – sometimes,
growth of such new products wouldn’t even be probable but our
components.” These product growth processes are frequently designed
for a prolongation of really vast quantities and are rarely challenging
and customized.

More rarely lerned staff

Vogt emphasizes that a new site in Malaysia will eventually also
strengthen a European sites: “Expanding to Asia privately boosts
a growth of new products, skills and expertise in Jena and
Balzers, where we especially work on new products until they are prepared for
array production. This opens adult new opportunities for a sites in
Europe and facilitates continued certain development. Therefore, the
need for new and rarely competent employees is going to keep
increasing.” The company’s growth over a final few years
illustrates this trend: Since Optics Balzers’ re-transition to
autonomy in 2009, income increasing from only underneath 30 million Swiss
francs to approx. 40 million Swiss francs in 2015. With a start of
prolongation in Malaysia, there should be a poignant boost in
altogether income this year and quite subsequent year, that in spin has
an impact on a series of employees.

Optics Balzers (located in a Principality of Liechtenstein) has been
a elite partner for providing innovative manifest coatings and
solutions for 70 years. Together with a subsidiaries in Jena (Germany)
and Penang (Malaysia), Optics Balzers is a tellurian personality in a supply
of manifest coatings and components. The Liechtenstein-based high-tech
association focuses on comparison markets such as Automotive, Sensors
Imaging, Biophotonics, Space Defence, Lighting Projection, and
Industrial Applications. The products and services offering operation from
manifest coatings and potion processing, patterning and bonding
technologies to a make of finish manifest subassemblies and
are concurred as being singular worldwide. Optics Balzers employs
around 220 members of staff worldwide.

Additional information: www.opticsbalzers.com

Article source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20161121005392/en/Optics-Balzers-Producing-Malaysia