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Pakistan Frees Indian Pilot Who Was Beaten by a Mob and Then Served Tea

Pakistan retaliated on Wednesday by drifting planes opposite a limit into Indian atmosphere space.

While Indian officials have not minute how Wing Commander Varthaman was shot down, Western officials pronounced they trust he was lured into a trap by Pakistani jets.

They contend that after Pakistani jets crossed into Indian airspace, they fast incited and flew away, tantalizing their pursuers into an area good lonesome by Pakistani atmosphere defenses, that afterwards strike Wing Commander Varthaman’s craft with a surface-to-air missile.

Wing Commander Varthaman, a son of maestro fight pilot, seemed poised via a available inquire sessions. He answered some questions, but appearing nervous, and afterwards refused to answer others, like what his goal was, saying: “I’m sorry, sir. That’s all I’m ostensible to tell you.”

Asked in a 2011 radio documentary what it took to be a warrior pilot, he said, “Bad attitude!”

In one of a videos from this week, he is seen celebration tea and looking relaxed.

“I wish you’ve been treated good with us?” a Pakistani officer asks in English.

“Yes,” Mr. Varthaman says. “I have, and we would like to put this on record and we will not change my matter if we go behind to my nation also. The officers of a Pakistani Army have looked after me really well. They are consummate gentlemen.”

“This is what we would design my army to act as,” he adds. “Am really tender by a Pakistani Army.”

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/01/world/asia/india-pakistan-plane-abhinandan-varthaman-india.html