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Park ranger furloughed by a supervision shutdown cashes out with $30 million in a New Jersey lottery

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Updated 8:52 PM ET, Thu Feb 21, 2019

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(CNN)During a longest supervision shutdown in US history, many employees were endangered about a standing of their jobs and when they would lapse to work. Judith Smith, a National Park Service employee, was one of a many workers confronting furlough, yet instead of stressing about not receiving a paycheck, she cashed out $30 million by winning New Jersey’s largest Pick-6 kitty given May 2004.

“When we review it a initial time, we know, and afterwards you’re like, wait a minute, this can’t be, though,” William Smith told CNN associate WABC. “It pronounced record a claim, greatfully see a clerk, and we knew right away, something, some-more than $500.”

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Article source: https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/21/us/park-ranger-wins-new-jersey-lottery/index.html