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‘Passionate about Parkinson’s’: Travis Low founds charity, raises $550K and travels a world

Travis Low has watched his father’s earthy and cognitive abilities lessen over a final decade. It’s been tough for him and everybody in his family.

His father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s illness during age 48, before he had even had a possibility to finish his career. 

“It was a unequivocally unhappy thing and it repelled a family,” he said.

The Lows in Motion annual Parkinson’s Shaker will reason it’s tenth and final fundraising celebration in 2018. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

Low, who was in his early 20s during a time, motionless he would work by his startle and grief by regulating his business preparation and pairing it with munificent action.

Lows in Motion and a rarely successful fundraiser, a Parkinson’s Shaker, were born. Low pronounced he founded a present to make a disproportion for other people like his father and grandfather, who were diagnosed with a neurological disease, and their families.

Lows in Motion has lifted about $550,000 for Parkinson Canada. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

A decade later, Lows in Motions lifted about $550,000 for a Saskatchewan multiplication of Parkinson Canada.

“It’s a flattering sharp-witted event. A flattering childish eventuality that is non-typical for Parkinson’s fundraising events,” pronounced Low.

According to a charity’s website, it’s a most-attended Parkinson’s fundraiser in a country.

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A design from a 2017 Lows in Motion’s Parkinson’s Shaker. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

After initial Lows in Motion, Low threw himself into lifting recognition and income for Parkinson’s disease, usurpation a position of executive executive with Parkinson’s Society of Saskatchewan in 2011. The society joined with Parkinson Canada during his tenure.

During his time with a organization, Low spearheaded a first-ever Parkinson’s preparation conference, bringing together experts and health caring professionals from opposite North America to pronounce in Saskatoon.

“I’d like to consider that a disproportion we’ve been means to make for people vital in a province, and for people vital opposite Canada, is that we’ve formulating some-more recognition and education.”

Travis Low poses with a portrayal of tulips. Parkinson Society Saskatchewan perceived a design as an bureau warming gift. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

Today Parkinson Canada’s Saskatchewan multiplication focuses on awareness, education, investigate and support for people diagnosed with a degenerative illness and their families.

Low understands a need for support. During his time as executive director, he was mostly a initial hit for people  who had recently been diagnosed and their families. He fielded a lot of bewildered, unpleasant phone calls that resonated deeply due to his possess family’s unpleasant experience.

In his purpose as executive director, Travis Low helped to grow Parkinson Society Saskatchewan. Under his care a classification non-stop a initial bureau and broadened a services. This print was taken during a initial support organisation assembly it organized. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

“It was a bit of an romantic conflict we was going by … something we had a habitual passion in, though also something we struggled with as well.”

Taking time to see a world

Travis Low poses for a design nearby a flitting sight in Austria. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

Low motionless to focus from a severe personal conditions and spin it into an opportunity. 

He motionless to take time to grow, stepping divided from his successful care role. For him, this meant visiting 14 countries.

Travis Low in Aberdeen, Scotland. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

“It was flattering implausible travelling a universe for a year,” pronounced Low.

The debate took Low on a debate by Europe and South America. He spent a summer in Scotland living on an island. He attended The Open during St. Andrews, one of golf’s four vital tournaments.

Travis Low and friends poise for a print during The Open during St. Andrews in Scotland. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

Low done his approach by executive Europe, interlude to work during a yoga shelter in a alps and to eat pizza, pasta and splash booze in Italy.

Travis Low in Prague, Czech Republic. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

He quickly came behind to Saskatchewan in a center of his outing to attend a Lows in Motion Parkinson’s Shaker, afterwards headed to South America. The southern leg of a outing saw a army operative during a surf/yoga/Spanish propagandize in Ecuador and a travel adult and down Machu Picchu, and lots of surfing in between.

“It was an implausible year and a prominence of my life for sure,” pronounced Low.

Travis Low during his outing adult Machu Picchu in Peru. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

Saskatchewan is a place to be (and start a business)

The many critical doctrine Low pronounced he schooled while he was divided was a value of his hometown.

Travis Low and Ricky Forbes founded Blue Moose Media in Saskatoon, Sask. This print was taken in a team’s initial office. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

“Saskatchewan is home and it’s an implausible place to be from and to live,” he said. “I saw some unimaginable places around a universe though we still adore Saskatoon, adore Saskatchewan and am unequivocally happy to still call this my home.”

After returning home to Saskatoon, Low and Ricky Forbes, a university crony incited storm-chasing amicable media maverick, baked adult a thought for a amicable media government and training company, Blue Moose Media, while paddle boarding down a South Saskatchewan River.

“We unequivocally saw a opening in businesses being means to marketplace their product regulating amicable media,” pronounced Low.

The pair’s mix of amicable media imagination and business knowledge has authorised a association to grow. Currently, it’s efforts are focused on assisting companies in Saskatoon and Northern Sask.

Blue Moose Media is a amicable media government and training company. Low pronounced currently it focuses essentially on training amicable media best practices to companies. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

“We’re too busy,” laughed Low.  “I simply could have lived any of a places we visited, though there’s something about this place. Knowing your roots. Being unapproachable of where I’m from and entrance behind here, starting my possess business.”

This year outlines a 10th, and final, Parkinson’s Shaker. The eventuality is sole out.

Travis Low pronounced after travelling, he knew Saskatchewan was home. (Travis Low/Submitted to CBC)

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