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Paul Domowitch’s Eagles-Cowboys news card

Here is Domo’s news label for a Eagles-Cowboys game. Click here to send in your possess grades.

RUN OFFENSE: Either hostile defenses have figured out Chip Kelly’s zone-running intrigue or his line isn’t executing value a damn, or, some-more than likely, both. DeMarco Murray, a Eagles’ $8M-a-year using back, has rushed for 11 yards on 21 carries in dual games.


PASSING OFFENSE: Two some-more interceptions and some uncharacteristic bad decisions by Sam Bradford. Receivers that can’t get open and can’t hang on to a round when they do. Whatever it was they found in a second half of a Falcons game, they mislaid it yesterday.


RUN DEFENSE: Even though inside linebackers Kiko Alonso and Mychal Kendricks for most of a game, a invulnerability did a good pursuit of shutting down a Cowboys’ run game, quite when we cruise they were on a margin for 40 minutes. The Eagles hold a Cowboys to 3.3 yards per carry.

GRADE: A-minus

PASS DEFENSE: The Eagles mislaid Kiko Alonso to a knee damage in a initial half, though still did a decent pursuit on parsimonious finish Jason Witten, holding him to 56 yards on 7 catches. Malcolm Jenkins hold container receiver Cole Beasley to 14 yards on 4 catches. Byron Maxwell didn’t onslaught as badly as he did in Week 1, though still gave adult a 42-yard touchdown pass to Terrance Williams late in a game.


SPECIAL TEAMS: The Eagles, who incited blocked punts into an art final season, got a ambience of their possess medicine early in a third entertain when a Cowboys blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown. Kyle Parkey converted a 46-yard margin idea attempt. Coverage units were solid, though a punt retard was a killer.


OVERALL: Last week, Chip Kelly’s offense started slow, though found a walk in a second half. Yesterday, it never found a stride. The quarterback and his receivers occasionally seemed to be on a same page and a using game, well, a using diversion needs to be taken behind to a emporium for a vital overhaul. And oh yeah, a Eagles substantially are going to be though their tip dual inside linebackers for a while.


Article source: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/328445161.html