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Paul Manafort hearing Day 9: Manafort got $16 million in loans from bank whose CEO wanted Trump administration post


5:50 p.m.: Manafort prosecutors contend they will rest box Monday, invulnerability gives no hints of a case

The prosecution’s final declare of a week was Andrew Chojnowski, arch handling officer for home lending during Federal Savings Bank.

Chojnowski testified fast that when removing loans from a bank that combined adult to $16 million, Manafort hermetic papers observant he had disclosed all superb debts and that he accepted it was bootleg to make fake statements during a focus process.

Judge T. S. Ellis III discharged jurors until 1 p.m. Monday, warning them once again not to do any research. “Don’t demeanour it adult on Google or anywhere else,” he said. “Put it totally out of your mind until Monday; that’s what we devise to do.”

People line adult outward a Albert V. Bryan U.S. Courthouse in Alexandria, Va., to watch former Trump debate authority Paul Manafort’s contention on bank rascal and taxation semblance charges. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The special counsel’s bureau pronounced their final declare will be Jim Brennan, another Federal Savings Bank worker who has been compelled to attest underneath shield from prosecution. But prosecutors competence remember Paula Liss, a special representative with a Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of a Treasury Department, depending on either Ellis manners that they can ask her offer questions about a filing of unfamiliar bank records.

Rather than have an representative attest to some-more emails and documents, prosecutor Greg Andres pronounced he designed to use that justification in his shutting argument, that he expects to take about dual hours.

“That’s within a outdoor star of reasonable,” Ellis said. But, he added, “It’s no collision that radio programs are half an hour. If we cruise we can reason a juror’s courtesy for dual hours, we live on a opposite world than we do.”

Defense attorneys pronounced they also suspicion they would need dual hours for their shutting argument.

Ellis gave in, nonetheless he urged both sides to cruise brevity. “Most jurors don’t retaliate lawyers for being prolix,” he said. “But they aren’t really happy about it.”

Manafort’s attorneys gave no denote of either they devise to offer any justification in his defense. Ellis pronounced he will reason a contention on jury instructions after a justification and before shutting arguments.

5:39 p.m.: Manafort, a Yankees deteriorate piece holder, told bank that Gates bought a tickets in 2016

Irfan Kirimca, comparison executive of a New York Yankees, testified fast after former Federal Savings Bank worker Dennis Raico.

Kirimca testified that Manafort had been a Yankees deteriorate piece hilt between 2010 and 2017. Manafort also exchanged emails with Yankees employees directing them to mail his 2016 deteriorate tickets to one of his New York addresses and reliable that he and his mother would be during Opening Day.

Kirimca’s testimony is critical since it links to a $16 million in loans Manafort perceived from Federal Savings Bank. During a loan processes, bank officials flagged a hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt on Manafort’s American Express credit card. The superb debt would make it some-more doubtful that a bank would offer a loan, and prosecutors have indicted Manafort of equivocating his financial information — including information about a American Express charges — to secure a cash.

After Federal Savings Bank employees emailed Manafort to scrutinise about a American Express debt, Manafort told them that he loaned a label to Rick Gates, who purchased Yankees deteriorate tickets.

Trump debate authority Paul Manafort, and his associate Rick Gates, right, on a building of a Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 2016. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

No association with a Yankees indicated Gates would compensate for a tickets or had them shipped to his home, Kirimca testified. He also testified that a Yankees don’t have any annals display Gates ever being a deteriorate piece holder, information that undermines Manafort’s illustration to a bank about a charges.

Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack introduced an email between Manafort and a Yankees worker confirming renovation of his deteriorate tickets — $700 per chair during a sum of $226,800. Manafort pronounced he wanted to replenish and sensitive a Yankees they would accept a handle send of $226,800 from Global Highway Limited.

On cross-examination, Manafort profession Richard Westling asked either it was common for people to squeeze deteriorate tickets for business functions or to perform clients and Kirimca pronounced it was, before finishing his testimony.

4:26 p.m.: Manafort’s lawyers note he had material for $16 million in loans

In his interrogate of Dennis Raico, invulnerability profession Richard Westling sought to prominence how Paul Manafort put adult adequate material for a loans he perceived from Federal Savings Bank, and how early difficulty that he encountered in removing financing was mostly attributable to his son-in-law.

Westling started by seeking about an email that seemed pivotal to a prosecutors’ presentation. The email showed a bank’s president, Javier Ubarri, had suggested finale negotiations with Manafort and perplexing to partial ways on accessible terms. Raico had testified formerly a bank gave Manafort loans after that summary was sent.

Westling asked Raico: Wasn’t that summary in anxiety to one sold loan, that Manafort would have been holding on with his son-in-law? After reading it, Raico testified it was, and that a bank did not eventually emanate it.

Westling afterwards sought to uncover that a loans Manafort did accept had adequate material – attempting to undercut a idea that Federal Savings Bank was defrauded. For a $9.5 million loan on Manafort’s Bridgehampton property, Westling asked, wasn’t it loyal that a income Manafort perceived would compensate off a home – that was appraised during around $13 million — and that he was charity an additional $2.5 million in material by a Virginia property?

Raico testified that was true: Essentially Manafort was providing $15.5 million in material for a $9.5 million loan. And underneath Westling’s questioning, Raico concurred a second loan Manafort received, to finish construction on a skill on Union Street in New York, had a identical situation.

From a Post archives: In Mar 1985, from left, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Lee Atwater were immature Republican domestic operatives who had set adult lobbying firms in Washington. Stone continues to work with occasional ties to Donald Trump. Atwater ran a 1988 debate of George H.W. Bush, and died in 1991. (Harry Naltchayan/The Washington Post)

Manafort, he acknowledged, had put down a $2.5 million income deposition on tip of a skill that was appraised to sell during $6.3 million when it was complete. The bank, he said, had loaned Manafort $6.5 million.

Prosecutors, in their final turn of doubt of Raico, forked again to bank authority Steve Calk’s impasse in a loan, and again got Raico to acknowledge it finished him uncomfortable.

“It was not a norm,” he said.

When prosecutor Greg Andres – and Judge T.S. Ellis III – pulpy Raico on either he believed Calk was “seeking something” from Manafort, Raico eventually hedged, observant he could indicate to “nothing concrete.”

4:01 p.m.: ‘Take a low breath’: Banker says Manafort took surprising trail to $9.5 million loan

A former comparison clamp boss during Federal Savings Bank testified that a routine that led Paul Manafort to get a $9.5 million loan from a bank was distinct any other loan traffic he worked on.

First, Dennis Raico said, as they were tighten to closing, Manafort emailed and pronounced that he indeed due $3.5 million on his Bridgehampton home when he pronounced it was $2.5 million. The bank had only schooled that information on a own.

“I contingency have had a blackout,” Manafort said.

“I can compensate this debt if compulsory in about 6 months, nonetheless we would cite not to do so,” Manafort wrote in a Oct. 6, 2016, summary to bank authority Steve Calk. “I demeanour to your artistry in how to conduct a underwriting.”

Calk told Manafort he would “look into this right away” and forwarded a summary to Raico.

Then about a week later, on Oct. 14, Raico pronounced he got a call informing him that from a shutting table, Manafort had motionless he wanted to renegotiate a terms of a loan. Instead of a construction loan for a plan in California regulating a Bridgehampton home as collateral, he wanted a cash-out refinance loan on a Hamptons house.

A few days later, Manafort sent Raico a piece patrician “Terms of Loan,” surveying a $9.5 million line of credit.

Former Donald Trump debate authority Paul Manafort, left, listens with his warn Kevin Downing to testimony from supervision declare Rick Gates during Manafort’s contention in Alexandria, Va., on Tuesday. (Dana Verkouteren/AP)

Raico pronounced he had “never it seen it finished before” that a intensity customer would set terms that way. He forwarded a terms to Federal Savings Bank Vice President James Brennan, with a message, “Take a low breath.”

“I hadn’t seen a loan restructured during a shutting list before, and we hadn’t seen Steve Calk approve restructuring of a loan,” Raico testified.

Judge Ellis, who has intervened to discourage prosecutors via a trial, did so again here. “Is there anything wrong with that?” he asked of Manafort environment his possess terms.

“No,” Raico said, nonetheless “it’s not consistent” with bank policy.

“But is there anything wrong with it?” a decider asked again, before revelation prosecutor Greg Andres he was perplexing to “focus a evidence.”

The routine changed forward, and Raico testified Manafort sent him a matter display his distinction for 2016 so distant was over $3 million. (That matter is false, Manafort’s former business partner Rick Gates has testified.)

Even with a revised income, bank boss Javier Ubarri told Raico and Brennan they should not pursue a loan agreement.

He told Raico to tell Manafort a bank values his attribute with Calk “immensely”  nonetheless that a loan forced a bank to assume too most risk and had taken adult too most of a bank’s time already.

But Raico testified he shortly got a call from Calk, observant they were relocating brazen with a loan, that eventually went by on Manafort’s terms on Nov. 16, 2016

3:37 p.m.: Manafort, seeking loans, told bank Gates had bought some-more than $200,000 in New York Yankees tickets

Former Federal Savings Bank Senior Vice President Dennis Raico described an email he had perceived from his assistant, who minute a phone call she had with Manafort. In a review she epitomised in her email, Manafort explained that a income for his business DMP International had recently increased.

“He explained to me that he is in a consulting business and naturally a income fluctuates,” a email to Raico from his partner read.

But Raico voiced some skepticism.

“A and B didn’t equal C all a time,” Raico testified to a financial information a bank would get from Manafort.

Manafort also told Raico’s partner that some-more than $200,000 in charges on his American Express was since he lent his “friend” a card.

Raico testified that he accepted a crony described to be Manafort’s business partner Rick Gates, who purchased New York Yankees deteriorate tickets.

Andres afterwards showed an American Express Plum label matter display 3 opposite charges for New York Yankees tickets in Feb. 2016 — dual charges for $99,000 and one for $10,000. The Plum label is an American Express label used by businesses.

The vast assign to a credit label is critical since a superb debt would have impacted Manafort’s ability to secure a loan with a bank, Raico testified.

Raico pronounced someday during a loan process, he schooled that Calk and Manafort had lunch together. After a lunch, Raico pronounced he perceived an email from Calk, surveying terms for one of Manafort’s loan requests.

3:18 p.m.: Manafort fast got $16 million in loans from bank whose CEO wanted pursuit in Trump administration

At a start of his testimony, former Federal Savings Bank Senior Vice President Dennis Raico described how Paul Manafort won discerning capitulation for loans as partial of a routine that featured surprising impasse from a bank’s arch exectuive and chairman, Steve Calk. Calk was seeking a purpose in a Trump administration and seemed to make that famous to Manafort, Raico testified.

Manafort eventually perceived dual loans from a bank totaling $16 million. One of them, a $9.5 million cash-out refinance on a skill in Southampton, N.Y., hermetic on Nov. 16, 2016, shortly after a presidential election. The other, a $6.5 million construction takeout loan, hermetic on Jan. 4, 2017, Raico testified.

Raico testified that Manafort initial contacted a bank around Apr 2016, interrogation about a loan for a plan that he and his son-in-law were operative on. Raico pronounced he contacted Calk about Manafort’s seeking a loans after training that Manafort was concerned in politics.

“I came to learn that Mr. Manafort was concerned in politics, and we knew Steve was meddlesome in politics,” he said. Raico pronounced Calk wanted to accommodate a intensity customer in person.

Paul Manafort, as debate authority for then-candidate Donald Trump, on a building of a Republican National Convention in Cleveland in Jul 2016. Though he left a debate a month later, a bank executive still hoped for Manafort’s assistance in removing a pursuit in a Trump administration, another bank central said. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post)

Raico pronounced Manafort, Calk and he, as good as others, had cooking during a Capital Grille in New York in May 2016, where they discussed “politics, loans” and other subjects. Calk and Manafort, afterwards partial of a Trump campaign, also talked between themselves during a dinner, Raico said.

Raico pronounced on Jul 27 of that year he had a video contention with Manafort and Manafort’s son-in-law to plead properties they wanted to finance. The really subsequent day, high-level bank officials authorized a loan to a dual organisation – a turnaround quicker than Raico pronounced he had ever seen before.

Calk was directly concerned in a negotiations for both loans, something Raico also had never seen before. Raico pronounced he infrequently upheld messages between Calk and Manafort, that finished him uncomfortable.

On Nov. 11, 2016, for example, Raico pronounced Calk called him to contend he would “possibly be adult for some purpose in a Trump administration,” and asked Raico if he could scrutinise about that. The probable roles, Raico said, were Treasury secretary or Housing and Urban Development secretary. Emails uncover that a few months earlier, Manafort had asked for Calk’s resumé after Calk apparently asked if he could offer in a administration.

Raico pronounced in that instance he eventually did not ask Manafort about a matter.

“It finished me really uncomfortable,” he said.

2:46 p.m.: Trial resumes, another dais conference, no reason for delay

After a extensive delay, Paul Manafort’s contention resumed Friday afternoon during around 2:25 p.m. with a testimony of Dennis Raico, a former worker of Federal Savings Bank and one of a immunized witnesses.

Raico’s testimony will describe to a $16 million in loans FSB released Manafort between 2016 and 2017. Prosecutors have purported Manafort cumulative a income by inflating his income on loan applications and providing fake statements.

Raico is a initial declare of a day after prosecutors, Manafort’s attorneys and a decider met for several sidebars via a day.

Before justice resumed, one of Manafort’s attorneys was seen withdrawal judge’s chambers. The lawyers and Judge T.S. Ellis III entered a courtroom during about 2:18 p.m., when a decider said, “Let me have one of we greatfully from any side.” Prosecutor Greg Andres and Manafort profession Kevin Downing spoke with a decider during a front of a courtroom before they returned to their tables.

“All right Mr. Andres, we can call your subsequent witness,” Ellis pronounced returning to a dais yet any contention of what a side conferences were about.

“The jury, your honor?” Andres asked, sparking delight in a courtroom before a jury filed in to take their seats.

11:33 a.m.: Manafort trial, with dais conferences and no witnesses, pauses for lunch

Paul Manafort’s contention will not resume until 1:45 p.m. Friday, nonetheless a reason for a check is not precisely clear.

As a contention resumed around 9:45 a.m., Judge T.S. Ellis III summoned lawyers for both sides to his dais for a contention that was blanketed by white noise. The jurors were not nonetheless in a courtroom. He afterwards took a brief mangle – about 10 mins — and returned to a courtroom for another dais conference.

That contention was rather lengthier, and a decider summoned a justice confidence officer to join a lawyers. The decider seemed to speak with a justice confidence officer as a lawyers listened.

Ellis afterwards announced another recess, nonetheless before he left court, he released a bizarre warning to those gathered, “You can't demeanour and see what’s on counsels’ tables, yet their accede of course.” He left to a side of a courtroom where a jurors customarily gather, that is opposite from where he customarily exits.

The decider pronounced a mangle would take about 15 minutes, nonetheless it was almost longer. At about 10:35 a.m., one of a judge’s staff members emerged to accumulate a house used during jury selection.

At 11:07 a.m., Ellis came behind and seemed to call a box as usual. “All right, move a jury in, please,” he said.

All 16 jurors came in.

“A belated good morning to you,” Ellis said. He told a row he designed to call a hurl as normal, nonetheless afterwards have an early lunch mangle so he could cruise other matters.

“We are going to continue with a justification in this box in a afternoon,” Ellis said.

Ellis’s clerk called any juror by their number, and all pronounced they were present. As he does any morning, Ellis asked a organisation if they had been means to equivocate articulate to anyone about a box or doing their possess investigation. They pronounced they had. Then Ellis delivered a lengthier admonition.

“It’s really critical that we not plead a box with anyone,” he said. He remarkable that Manafort had a “presumption of innocence,” and jurors should be gripping an open mind until a box was complete.

“Keep an open mind until all a justification is in,” Ellis said.

With that, a jurors left. The row – that has customarily entered a courtroom smiling or even shouting – seemed some-more mill faced than usual. Ellis offering no reason to a open for what had happened. The contention is approaching to resume during 1:45 p.m.

10:45 a.m.: Special warn again asks decider to tell jury he was wrong

Perhaps emboldened by their tiny feat Thursday, when Judge T.S. Ellis III conceded he was “probably wrong” to batter a special warn for doing something he authorised them to do, prosecutors in a Paul Manafort contention have now asked him to tell a jury to omit another of his unstinting comments.

Comments finished by U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III in front of a jury contention a Paul Manafort box are again being criticized by prosecutors. (Tracy Woodward/The Washington Post)

On Thursday, after Assistant U.S. Attorney Uzo Asonye walked a landowner by a $5.5 million loan traffic with Paul Manafort that finished in rejection, a decider cut in with skepticism.

“You competence wish to spend time on a loan that was granted,” he said.

When Asonye protested that a try to get that loan constituted one of a bank rascal swindling charges opposite Manafort, Ellis responded harshly, “I know that.”

“The Court’s matter that a supervision ‘might wish to spend time on a loan that was granted’ misrepresents a law per bank rascal conspiracy, improperly conveys a Court’s opinion of a facts, and is approaching to upset and trick a jury,” prosecutors wrote in their filing Friday morning. “The Court should yield a antidote instruction in sequence to equivocate any intensity influence to a government.”

Defense attorneys in other cases have forked to identical comments from Ellis when severe guilty verdicts in a U.S. Court of Appeals for a Fourth Circuit. But prosecutors can't seductiveness a not-guilty verdict, and so a special warn has begun severe Ellis mid-trial.

Prosecutors filed a identical suit Thursday morning, after Ellis yelled during prosecutors for permitting their consultant declare to lay by a contention in a gallery, when witnesses are typically released from a courtroom so as not to be shabby by other witnesses’ testimony. The twin of a initial day of contention showed Ellis had categorically authorised a expert, an IRS agent, to stay in a courtroom.

Ellis responded in justice by observant that while he had not checked a transcript, he “may good have” authorised a consultant in and that a jury should negligence his comments.

[‘It’s totally an embarrassment’: A Connecticut city ponders renaming Paul Manafort Drive]

9:21 a.m.: Is Rick Gates providing offer team-work to a Mueller investigation? Judge seals transcript.

The decider overseeing a Paul Manafort contention on Thursday postulated a ask from a special counsel’s bureau to keep tip a review that competence strew light on a ongoing review into either a Trump debate concurrent with Russia.

The review came on Tuesday, as Rick Gates, Manafort’s business partner who worked on both a Trump debate and a Trump inaugural, was on a declare stand. During his cranky hearing of Gates, Manafort invulnerability profession Kevin Downing asked if, during Gates’s team-work with a special warn after he concluded to a defence deal, he was interviewed about a Trump campaign. Gates pronounced he had been.

Rick Gates, former tip associate of Paul Manafort, leaves a sovereign building in Washington in February. (Alex Brandon/AP)

“And were we interviewed on several occasions about your time during a Trump campaign?” Downing continued.

“Objection, your honor,” special warn prosecutor Greg Andres interjected.

The lawyers afterwards convened during a dais of Judge T.S. Ellis III as white sound was piped by a courtroom. Gates was eventually never asked to answer a question, and a review between a lawyers and Ellis, famous as a dais contention or sidebar, was hermetic in a twin constructed by a justice reporter.

On Thursday, a special counsel’s bureau asked a decider to keep it that way.

“Disclosing a identified twin portions would exhibit concrete justification regarding to an ongoing investigation,” a special counsel’s bureau wrote. “The government’s seductiveness in safeguarding a confidentiality of a ongoing investigations is constrained and justifies sealing a singular apportionment of a sidebar contention during emanate here. In addition, sealing will minimize any risk of influence from a avowal of new information relating to that ongoing investigation.”

The special counsel’s bureau wrote that their concerns about creation a review open would “continue until a applicable aspect of a review is suggested publicly, if that were to occur.”

Ellis postulated their request, essay it was compulsory since creation a review open would “reveal concrete justification regarding to an ongoing supervision investigation.” The open was left with a small delicious spirit about what Gates competence have told a special warn about his time on a Trump campaign, and what “new information” competence have been suggested in a contention during Ellis’s bench.

UPDATE, 1:16 p.m.: The special counsel’s bureau reliable in a filing in Washington after Friday that Gates is still auxiliary with them, nonetheless did not hold any specifics about what they are deliberating with Gates. In an refurbish to the judge overseeing Gates’ rapist box in D.C., where he pleaded guilty in a defence deal, prosecutors pronounced that Gates continues to concur and accommodate with a special counsel’s office, and that “the investigation, that includes a probable continued need for assistance from a suspect as compulsory by his Plea Agreement, is ongoing.”

9:05 a.m.: Prosecution approaching to rest box opposite Manafort today

Prosecutors design to rest their box opposite Paul Manafort on Friday after pursuit 4 or 5 some-more witnesses to turn out their case. That is an boost from their prior estimate, nonetheless one of a witnesses has testified in a box before.

Among those approaching to take a mount are officials from Federal Savings Bank, one of a institutions Manafort is indicted of defrauding to get a loan. That testimony could be quite engaging since Manafort took stairs to try to get Stephen Calk, a owner and arch executive of a bank, a pursuit as Army secretary in a Trump administration, as good as an entice to a presidential inauguration. Calk himself, though, is not approaching to be called by prosecutors.

Prosecutors also contend they intend to call a male whose online bio says he is comparison executive of piece operations for a New York Yankees. Manafort is indicted of carrying his former associate Rick Gates claim, falsely, that he had used Manafort’s credit label to squeeze Yankees deteriorate tickets.

After prosecutors hang adult their presentation, invulnerability attorneys will be given an event to call their possess witnesses. It is different how many people — if any during all — they intend to call. Testimony resumes during 9:30 a.m.

Former Trump debate authority Paul Manafort in sovereign justice in Alexandria, Va., on a opening day of his trial. (Bill Hennessy/Reuters)

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