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‘Pawn Stars’ Richard Harrison Dies: Rick, Chumlee & More Co-Stars React To His Shocking Death

Millions are anguish a genocide of ‘Pawn stars’ Richard Harrison, aka ‘The Old Man’. His co-stars and family penned romantic tributes to their ‘hero.’ And, his son Rick even suggested how he might have died…

Pawn Stars fans everywhere are anguish the loss of a show’s father, Richard Benjamin Harrison, famous to millions as “The Old Man.” The show’s primogenitor died “surrounded by amatory family,” a central Facebook page for Las Vegas’ Gold and Silver Pawn emporium wrote on Monday, Jun 25. He was 77-years-old. Now, his co-stars and family are vocalization out about his black death with romantic statements of their own.

The Old Man’s son, Rick Harrison, who is a categorical star of a show, wrote a honeyed reverence to his “hero” before requesting remoteness for his family. “Richard Benjamin ‘The Old Man’ Harrison upheld divided this morning surrounded by those he loved. He will be tremendously missed by a family, a group during Gold Silver Pawn and his many fans a universe over,” he wrote underneath a print of his father. “He was my favourite and we was advantageous to get a really cold ‘Old Man’ as my dad. That we got to share him with so many others and they got to see what a good family male he was is something we am beholden to have gifted with him. He lived a really full life and by a History radio uncover ‘Pawn Stars’ overwhelmed a lives of people all over, training them a value of amatory your family, tough work and humor. We conclude everyone’s thoughts and prayers and ask that we are supposing some remoteness during this time.”

In a second post, Rick uploaded an comparison print of his father from a U.S. Navy, and suggested that his father “lost his prolonged conflict with Parkinson’s this morning” (June 25). “Today we mislaid a friend, a father, a clergyman and so most more,” he wrote, adding, “… Love we Dad. See we on a other side”. As a family awaits an autopsy, it has not been medically reliable The Old Man died of Parkinson’s during this time.

“It’s tough to trust he is gone. He was such a large partial of my life and treated me like family,” Austin Russell, aka, “Chumlee,” also tweeted. “I will skip him severely and lift a lessons he taught me via my life.  You could always count on him to straighten we out or make we giggle and both of those things we need,” he continued.

Corey Harrison also tweeted, “Pops (as he called a ‘Old Man’) was such a good grandfather and dear impression by everyone. we was propitious to be innate a Harrison and learn so most about life from him.” He continued: “I skip him and will lift him with me forever. We are beholden for a escape of adore everybody is promulgation a approach and wish everybody has a lustful memory of him to share with a smile.” #oldman”.

Old Man and Rick non-stop their Las Vegas guaranty emporium together in 1989 and after incited it into a hit reality uncover in 2009. To this day, a uncover is still airing on a History Channel, and only finished a 15th season. Old Man hasn’t been a Pawn Stars regular given 2015, as his son has now runs a shop.

The History Channel posted a honeyed reverence video on Twitter, along with a summary about a late star. “We are deeply saddened by a detriment of a crony Richard ‘The Old Man’ Harrison, a dear member of a HISTORY and @pawnstars family,” a network tweeted. “He will be severely missed for his knowledge and candor. Our thoughts are with a Harrison family during this formidable time”.

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