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Photo collect of a week: People on their vacation travels

Our theme for this week was people in their travels and there are some pleasing photos here. It creates me wish to go places. 

We chose Mark Cowell’s poetic print of a male holding his child. It was so splendidly framed and a serendipitous impulse while he was sitting on a park bench.  He enclosed a smashing building in Italy, too, creation a honeyed combination that looks like a painting. 

Next week, a subject is a Dog Days of Summer. Interpret this any approach we want. It can be some-more than your dog. 

The rules: Send your best print to yourphotos@postandcourier.com by noon Thursday. Include your name, city and where a print was taken. If we wish your print to be authorised to run in a newspaper, it contingency be during slightest 1,500 pixels and not have a blurb watermark.

On Fridays, we initial announce a editors’ collect of a week during www.postandcourier.com/yourphotos and tell an online gallery. We also announce a subject for a subsequent week.

On Sunday, a print collect of a week will seem in this section, Life.

All photos submitted also will be deliberate for announcement in The Post and Courier’s yearly magazine, My Charleston.

We haven a right to not tell any print for any reason.

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