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Photos from around a world: Reader travels with The Times-Picayune

For decades, a readers have been documenting their travels by promulgation us photos of themselves holding adult a Travel territory of The Times-Picayune newspaper. These photos, taken everywhere from California to New York and from Casablanca to Paris, have been published each week on a Sunday Travel pages — and, some-more recently, during NOLA.com/travel — in a underline we call “Paper Trails.”

The print gallery above this post showcases the 2016 collection of “Paper Trails.” To see a 2015 photos, click here.

Here is how we can share your adventures in “Paper Trails”: The subsequent time we take a trip, container a Travel page from The Times-Picayune. Then, when we strech your destination, lift out a journal and have your design taken with it in a photogenic spot.

Then, please:

  • Write about your knowledge in 50 to 100 words.
  • Include a names of people in a print (left to right).
  • Note where a print was taken.
  • Tell us how distant it is from New Orleans.
  • Offer a transport tip — something we wish you’d famous before we left home. 

Send an email with your print (jpeg) attached, along with a information remarkable above, to papertrails@nola.com.

Make certain to embody a name, residence and phone series of a chairman submitting a “Paper Trails” submission, so we can hit that chairman if we have questions.

And, come behind to a online transport page to see new photos each week.

Article source: http://www.nola.com/travel/index.ssf/2016/05/photos_from_around_the_world_r.html