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Platform Strategies Serve Go-Jek And Line Well In Southeast Asia

TechSauce panelists

Platformization is a tenure in record that we haven’t listened used much, during slightest not until we came to Bangkok to pronounce during a TechSauce eventuality focused on a flourishing event in Southeast Asia.

I moderated a row with a organisation of height innovators from a segment — Go-Jek and Line — with brands that cranky many straight sectors from gaming and discuss to ride-hailing and shopping.

These dual companies have stretched distant over their core service. And that makes sense to keep their users entrance behind for some-more from their brands no matter a service, pronounced my panelists Ajey Gore, CTO of Go-Jek and Ariya Banomyong.

It’s also a defensive move. If they don’t extend to new areas, someone else. That someone else could really good be a Chinese tech giants who see Southeast Asia as a subsequent opportunity. With a marketplace distance of 665 million and a enlightenment that is some-more identical to China than western markets, China’s largest record companies are entering a region, gnawing adult shares in a region’s rid-sharing and remuneration upstarts such as Go-Jek, Grab, Ola and Paytm.

So it can volume to a plan of building a tray around your business to sentinel off rivals. It’s presence of a fittest, explained Go-Jek exec Gore.

This height is good played by Go-Jek and Line, that can facilitate a name of their services with Go and Line, only like Alibaba has finished with so many of a offerings such as AliPay, AliCloud, AliHealth and so on.

How do startups transport in an sourroundings where so most of a movement is centered on these height players?

Grace Xia, a try financier with Jungle Ventures and former Tencent executive, says that startups aren’t cut out. They can turn creation pipelines to these height companies. That could even lead to an merger by a biggies, that positively is not unheard of in this fast-emerging tech innovative region.


Article source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/rebeccafannin/2018/06/22/platform-strategies-serve-go-jek-and-line-well-in-southeast-asia/