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Pokemon Quest: Which Starter Pokemon to Choose

Which Starter Pokemon to Choose in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest has players exploring a immeasurable island plentiful with furious ‘mons and resources. When we start a game, you’ll be stirred to collect your really initial Poke pal. There are 5 slot monsters to select from, any with their possess forms and abilities. You can select from Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Eevee as your starter Pokemon in a game.

When it comes down to that ‘mon we should choose, it generally boils down to personal preference. During a start of a game, you’ll be confronting opposite a slew of Normal-type monsters with no sold component strength or weakness. You can fundamentally shell by a educational but putting in too most effort, and by a time we come opposite monsters with opposite types, you’ll have a few some-more members on your team.

Simply put, there’s no right or wrong choice when picking your starter Pokemon. When it comes down to strengths and weaknesses, however, Fire-types are generally offset when compared to a other types. They’re effective opposite Bug, Steel, Grass, and Ice while receptive to Rock, Fire, Water, and Dragon.

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