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Police Shoot Driver of U-Haul That Led Them on Long Pursuit

A suspected pirate gathering a tiny U-Haul lorry by complicated Phoenix trade and a posh area and upheld during slightest one red light on Thursday while heading military on an hour-long office that finished when a male was shot.

The occurrence — including a impulse officers rushed and shot a think — unfolded live online and on TV.

The Phoenix Fire Department says a suspect, who hasn’t been identified, was in fast condition after being struck by a Taser and by bullets.

Authorities contend a occurrence began in Peoria, a suburb west of Phoenix, around 4 p.m. when a male attacked a preference store.

Witnesses reported that a pirate had a gun and was seen journey in a tiny U-Haul.

Peoria military officers attempted to stop a male though he fled. Police finished their automobile office and let a helicopter take over.

When a male gathering into Phoenix, military there took over a chase.

Live cameras showed a clearly noted U-Haul lorry pushing by complicated traffic, flitting a red light and maneuvering around cars. The lorry gathering by a posh area in a area of Paradise Valley, flitting mansions and sensuous immature grass. The motorist seemed to have mislaid his approach in that area though eventually done it out.

He finally stopped during an intersection in north Phoenix. The male got out of a automobile and seemed to try to get inside a white SUV that gathering off.

That’s when several officers ran toward a think and dismissed their guns during him. The male fell to a belligerent and put his arms adult though afterwards fast became surrounded by police.

No officers were injured.

Police were still questioning and a intersection was close down late Thursday.

Article source: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/police-shoot-driver-haul-led-long-pursuit-44462010