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Portsmouth male travels to Hawaii as stays of US Korean War veterans are returned

A Portsmouth male whose father left while fighting in a Korean War will be in Hawaii on Wednesday as probable stays of American use members are returned to a US.

Rick Downes was 3 when his father, Lt. Harold “Hal” Downes, left to quarrel in a Korean War. His father was 26 when his B-26 bomber went down over North Korea and has been blank ever since.

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A rite was hold during Osan Air Force Base in South Korea before a stays were set to be flown to Hawaii. There, Downes will be assimilated by Vice President Mike Pence as stays are eliminated to American custody.

The US will accept 55 boxes that North Korea says enclose a stays of American infantry killed in a Korean War. North Korean personality Kim Jong-un concluded to send a stays during his limit with President Donald Trump.

“There are a series of families that are going to get closure,” Downes told News 9 in an talk Sunday. “We don’t know how many of a 55 will work out, though there’s going to be a lot of closure for some people. But it’s about 1 percent of what’s over there.”

The stays are on their approach to Hawaii for identification, a routine that could years. Based on rough findings, some families could get a closure they have been seeking.

“They are expected to be American remains,” pronounced John Byrd, a debate scientist with a Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. “And in fact, there are utterly a lot, one of a largest uneven turnovers we’ve ever received.”

About 7,700 servicemen are listed as blank from a Korean War. Of those, a stays of about 5,300 are believed to be in North Korea.


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