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Powerful Earthquake Triggers Tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Shocking and comfortless news out of Sulawesi, Indonesia now (Friday, Sept 28, 6 pm internal time), where a 7.5 trembler — followed by a array of 22 absolute aftershocks — triggered a 6-8 feet tsunami into a collateral city of Palu, on a island of Sulawesi.

Indo tsunami earthquake

The tsunami struck Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia on Friday evening, internal time. Image: Google Earth

The tsunami waters have given receded, though a city is still in a state of chaos, with buildings broken and a boat deposited in a center of town. At slightest one chairman is reliable passed and countless casualties, though those numbers are approaching to arise as whole families are now reported missing. The airports are sealed for 24 hours and telecommunications are really limited. The tsunami struck during 6:27 pm Friday evening, internal time, so rescue efforts have been hampered by darkness.

Understanding tsunami warnings and watches

More than 600,000 people live in a effected cities of Palu and Donggalla. Sulawesi itself is not a poignant surfing region, though mostly serves as a stepping off indicate for trips in a eastern Indonesian islands.

Stay tuned for serve updates.


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