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Preparing a Child for a School Year Gets Too Expensive For Russian Parents

As Russian children get prepared to start a new propagandize year this week, their relatives have to cough adult a record volume of money to equip them with all they need, according to the latest investigate by a state-run pollster.

An average Russian family will spend roughly 20,000 rubles ($300) to prepare a child for the new propagandize year. School-related losses have risen by 47 percent compared to last year and 225 percent compared to 2005, the survey by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) released on Friday said.

Getting a child prepared for the new propagandize year is some-more costly than ever, VTsIOM’s sociologists said.

Dramatically increasing losses are a big plea for the budgets of the Russian families.

“We had to save income for three months to buy all the necessary things for the new propagandize year,” pronounced Yulia Yurova, mom of a Year-Two student. The family spent scarcely twice some-more than final year scheming their daughter for school, Yurova said.

The residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg will spend some-more than an average Russian family. Those vital in Russia’s biggest cities are formulation to spend or have already spent 30,818 rubles ($490) on getting all the necessary propagandize supplies, according to the survey.

The biggest responsibility for parents of schoolchildren is traditionally a school uniform, sportswear and indoor shoes. However, this year the cost of these items, according to the parents, have risen to 7,191 rubles ($114), compared to 4,709 rubles final year.

Meanwhile the average Russian income as of July is 33,980 rubles ($505).

All school-related costs have increasing this year, detached from voluntary donations finished by parents for the advantage of the school, according to the parents, the survey said.

School wardrobe is followed by textbooks and paper notebooks on the list of school-related costs. This year the parents of schoolchildren are formulation to spend on average of 3,077 rubles ($47) on these items, 60 percent some-more than final year, the survey said.

A schoolbag ranked third among the most costly propagandize supplies. The average family is formulation to spend 2,855 rubles ($45) this year, adult from 1,940 ($31) final year.

The survey was conducted from Aug. 22-23, among 1600 respondents in 46 Russian regions.The domain blunder does not surpass 3.5 percent, according to VTsIOM.

Despite the fact that prices for school reserve have increasing this year, Yurova pronounced they had attempted to avoid selling low-quality, inexpensive items.

If we buy the cheapest pencils, children only can’t write with them properly, she said.

Therefore the costs of Yurova’s family were extremely aloft than the average bill of Moscow residents selling propagandize supplies.

However, Yurova pronounced they still attempted to find ways to cut losses wherever possible.

“For example, we found the uniform in a store and later bought it online since it was cheaper,” she said.

According to Igor Berezin, boss of the Guild of Marketing Specialists of Russia, it is too early to reach conclusions on how many relatives will spend on school reserve this year, as many of the propagandize selling is being finished now or in September.

The expenses of parents will really boost this year as the prices for school reserve have climbed by up to 20 percent over the year, he said.

However, the actual losses of the relatives competence spin out to be reduce than the survey suggests, according to Berezin.

There is a hysteria ensuing from the rising prices, so relatives competence subconsciously ready themselves to spend twice as many as final year, Berezin said.

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