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President Obama’s Final Betrayal of Israel

For a final dual years or more, there has been regard in Jerusalem and among Israel’s friends on Capitol Hill about what interruption blow a sore steep President Obama competence try to land on Israel – what “December Surprise”, as it’s turn widely known.

President Obama appears staid to sequence his final profanation of Israel in his final days in office.  We mount ready, willing, and means to better any such try to criticise a fan Israel.

A solid drumbeat of editorials from severe papers like a New York Times recently seemed pulling for a origination of a “Palestinian State” and a supposed “Two-State Solution.” The timing doesn’t seem to be coincidental.

With conjecture prevalent as to what Obama competence nonetheless do, here are some possibilities we are scheming to defeat:

  • A legally contracting United Nations (U.N.) Security Council Resolution (a) dogmatic a “settlements” (i.e., Jewish towns and homes in Judea and Samaria) illegal, or (b) condemning a participation of Jews in Judea and Samaria, that a United States will not halt and will possibly opinion for or abstain.
  • President Obama watchful until a French betray their “peace” devise (i.e., their devise to forcibly settle an Arab state in Judea and Samaria) or to settle “parameters” dictating a final resolution, that a U.S. will opinion for, or, some-more likely, abstain. France has on several occasions in new years taken moves to mistreat Israel’s station in general forums.
  • President Obama seeking a IRS to support divided a tax-exempt station of American charities that support Jewish life in Judea and Samaria. This tactic has been floated before. Anti-Israel groups like J Street recently again urged that such transformation be taken.
  • Of march there stays a probability that President Obama will once again float roughshod over Congress (and U.S. Law) and simply find grave approval of a “Palestinian State” during a U.N. Security Council.
  • Some trust President Obama’s anti-Israel “surprise” will be singular to a Rose Garden debate environment out President Obama’s vision. His is, of course, a really antagonistic prophesy to Israel’s reserve and security. Nonetheless, while he is expected to be vicious and transport out all a anti-Israel libels of “occupation” and “oppression” he is equally expected to support a contention as being in Israel’s possess interest. This is how he pitched a catastrophic “Iran Deal.” There was and stays across-the-board agreement in Israel that a “deal” – that gave a unrepentant “Death-to-Israel”, “Death-to-America” mullahs of Iran billions of dollars and a slip trail to chief weapons and missiles to broach them – poses an existential hazard to Israel. Nonetheless, President Obama continues to brazenly announce he did it to “protect” Israel.

Outlawing Jewish life in a legally and historically Jewish heartland, rejecting approach negotiations (to that Israel continues to be open, yet a Arabs do not), commanding “parameters” to negotiations, predetermining earthy borders, or noticing a “Palestinian State” are all antagonistic actions by a lame-duck President who seems to have left out of his approach to uncover his contempt for a Jewish state.

The ACLJ’s Washington and Jerusalem offices are consulting with Congressional offices about responses to any such aggressions by President Obama opposite Israel. And a ACLJ is directly intent in fighting opposite any attempts to extent Americans’ ability to support Jewish Judea and Samaria.

There is another possibility, one that is reduction plainly discussed and in that a United States’ purpose is reduction clear. The Palestinian Authority has been maneuvering to benefit a station to take a State of Israel to a International Criminal Court (ICC). Neither Israel nor a U.S. are signatories to a Rome Statute that combined a ICC, and entities contingency have a station of states in sequence to have station during a ICC.

Despite a fact that there is in fact no actual State of Palestine and there never has been, a U.N. and a ICC have nonetheless overlooked existence and provide a Palestinians as if they are an actual state. That’s because general organizations can be dangerous. They could caring reduction about a law and, yet, they contend that they can even-handedly request a law. Based on their  sum inability to commend that there is no State of Palestine, such claims are dubious, during best, and mortal to a judgment of a order of law, during worst. And yet Israel does not commend ICC’s authority, there are some-more than 120 countries that do in some capacity. Their commerce and other interactions with Israel might be directly impacted in ways distributed to mistreat Israel.

Through a general associate with consultative station during a U.N., a European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), a ACLJ formerly stood with Israel opposite a fake and antagonistic fight crimes prosecutions try during a ICC. We are now examining options in a eventuality of such a pierce by a ICC and a Palestinian Authority and we will be front and core in fortifying Israel.

Despite a sanctified deficiency of invasions and descending missiles, Israel is underneath conflict each day. Whether it is combating a mercantile apprehension of a Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) movement, fighting lawfare in a courts, operative with lawmakers on process and legislation or removing a law out to millions around a media, a ACLJ is on a front lines fighting for Israel each day.

We are scheming countless authorised letters to a U.N., pivotal allies, and Congress to safeguard that President Obama does not take an transformation to desert Israel, condense a borders, leave it defenseless, or force a biggest fan in a Middle East to make dangerous concessions to terrorists before negotiations even begin.  We are also propelling that America and other nations support a united, not a divided, Jerusalem.  Join us by signing a obligatory petition to urge Israel.

Article source: http://aclj.org/israel/president-obamas-final-betrayal-of-israel