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Prosecutor: iPhone Could ID Unknown San Bernardino Attacker

Information contained in an encrypted iPhone could assistance finally answer either there was a third assailant in a San Bernardino apprehension conflict that killed 14 people, according to justice papers filed by a county’s district attorney.

San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan pronounced Friday that a doubt of a third assailant has nagged investigators notwithstanding no ancillary evidence.

“We’ve never been means to totally discharge it,” he said. “We know we have some witnesses that pronounced they suspicion they saw 3 … some saw two, some saw one. The infancy pronounced two, and a justification we have adult to this indicate usually supports two.”

Still, he pronounced investigators would like to definitively answer a question, and unlocking a phone could assistance do that.

Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, non-stop glow Dec. 2 during an annual training of his San Bernardino County co-workers. They died hours after in a shootout with police. The 14 people killed noted a deadliest apprehension conflict on U.S. dirt given Sept. 11, 2001.

In a brief filed in sovereign justice Thursday, San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos cited dual 911 calls stating 3 perpetrators during a attack.

“The information contained only on a seized iPhone could yield justification to brand as of nonetheless different co-conspirators …” according to Ramos’ brief.

The brief also suggested that a county-owned iPhone used by Farook might have introduced a “lying-dormant cyber pathogen” endangering a county’s mechanism network.

Burguan pronounced he’s never listened that speculation and knew of no problems.

Such a breech is technically probable though unlikely, pronounced David Meltzer, a mechanism confidence consultant and arch investigate officer during TripWire, a blurb IT confidence firm.

If an worker wanted to deliver antagonistic module into a county’s network, Meltzer pronounced they would be some-more expected to use a desktop or laptop PC since it’s easier to download and manipulate antagonistic formula on a PC’s handling system.

The district profession is among many weighing in on a quarrel between Apple and a supervision forward of a Mar 22 conference in that Apple is seeking a decider to retreat an sequence requiring a association to emanate a module program that overrides iPhone confidence features.

Apple says unlocking Farook’s phone would make all other iPhones some-more exposed to destiny attacks.

In a minute to Apple CEO Tim Cook cited in another justice brief, Mark Sandefur — a father of one of a group killed in a apprehension conflict — also cited reports of 3 attackers, observant a phone contingency be unlocked.

“Several of a survivors tell me bone-chilling stories of where they were, and what they saw,” Sandefur wrote. “Some of them news in accurate detail, laying on a floor, stealing underneath seat and a bodies of their co-workers, that they saw 3 assailants, not two, walking around in complicated boots as they carried out their murders.

“What if there is justification indicating to a third shooter?” Sandefur wrote. “What if it leads to an different militant cell? What if others are attacked, and we and we did zero to forestall it?”

Among those subsidy Apple are polite liberties advocates and some of a company’s biggest competitors, including Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

The final of a 22 flourishing victims of a conflict was expelled from a sanatorium Thursday, a Press Enterprise reported.


Associated Press author Brandon Bailey contributed to this news from San Francisco.


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