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Qualcomm launches new Snapdragon Wear chips for targeted wearable devices

Qualcomm is rising a new set of Snapdragon Wear chips for targeted wearable devices.

The association finished a proclamation during a Computex trade uncover in Taiwan today. The new Snapdragon Wear 1100 chips are an enlargement of a company’s formerly announced wearable chips that have many opposite functions. The new chips will be partial of inclination that are targeted during certain audiences, such as kids’ watches or watches for a elderly, aptness trackers, intelligent headsets, and wearable accessories.

“Snapdragon Wear 1100 is targeting purpose-built wearables, or those that are designed usually around a few use cases,” said Pankaj Kedia, comparison executive and business lead of intelligent wearables during Qualcomm, in an talk with VentureBeat. “These kinds of products do dual to 5 things unequivocally well. They run a some-more targeted program environment, like Linux. The whole user knowledge is most some-more targeted around these use cases. They still need low power, high integration, tiny size, and a good connected experience.”

The chips are partial of a La Jolla, Calif.-based chip maker’ extended beginning to go over pristine mobile chips. Qualcomm is focused on a incomparable marketplace of chips for a Internet of Things (or origination bland objects intelligent and connected). That includes “smart bodies,” “smart homes,”  and “smart cities,” Kedia said. The Snapdragon Wear 1100 is optimized for size, power, sensors, connectivity, and location.

“IoT is a vast space for us,” Kedia explained. “When we consider of intelligent bodies, wearables is partial of that space. There’s a lot of fad in this partial of a industry.”

Qualcomm started a wearable chips multiplication in a summer of 2014. Four weeks ago, it announced that there are now 100 wearable products formed on Qualcomm’s technology. That has been built during an adoption rate of one new patron a week. Qualcomm says it has 80 percent marketplace share in inclination that run Android Wear software.

“It’s sparkling to see a unrestrained in a ecosystem and an denote of how good we are doing,” Kedia said.

Qualcomm is also focused on multi-purpose wearables, like intelligent watches and intelligent glasses. Three months ago, Qualcomm launched a Snapdragon Wear 2100 chips for multi-purpose wearables, such as intelligent watches or intelligent glasses.

The Snapdragon Wear 1100 has a Cat 1 modem and handles voice, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. It incorporates a Qualcomm iZat plcae engine for multi-GNSS, cell-ID positioning, and ability to support applications that utilize geo-fencing for reserve monitoring. Integrated in a chipset are a hardware cryptographic engine, HW pointless array generator, and TrustZone, that supports a rarely secure environment for consumers.

Snapdragon Wear 1100 is commercially accessible and shipping now. Qualcomm also announced a array of collaborations with Aricent, Borqs, Infomark, and SurfaceInk to showcase what can be finished with a 2100 and 1100 chips. These platforms aim a child and aged intelligent watch markets. The products will be shipping in a second half of a year, Kedia said.

“Aricent is anxious to combine with Qualcomm Technologies and take a Snapdragon 1100 SoC into a consumer wearables shred from gameplay, wellness and safety,” pronounced Walid Negm, arch record officer of Aricent, in a statement. “Combining a Aricent Adapt Wearable Platform with frog’s pattern and plan services allows us to accelerate a origination of unique experiences that children and caretakers will enjoy. By jacket a Snapdragon Wear 1100 with a abounding set of modular capabilities such as 3G/LTE, gesticulate control and interactive apps we enable companies to seize opportunities during a best cost and performance.”









Article source: http://venturebeat.com/2016/05/30/qualcomm-launches-new-snapdragon-wear-chips-for-targeted-wearable-devices/