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Questions About China’s Military Training After Female Fighter Pilot Dies

Two Chinese J-10 aircraft cranky any other during a troops practice in 2015.

Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images

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Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images

Two Chinese J-10 aircraft cranky any other during a troops practice in 2015.

Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images

An chosen Chinese warrior commander died Saturday in a training accident, Chinese media reports.

The pilot, Yu Xu, was quite good famous since she was a initial lady to fly a country’s many modernized warrior jet, a J-10, and was a member of a chosen aerobatic group famous as a Aug 1st Air Demonstration Team, according to a state-run, English-language China Daily newspaper.

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Chinese news reports did not news a means of a accident, observant usually that both Yu and her co-pilot ejected from a craft and that Yu did not survive.

Yu was 30 years old, and had assimilated a Chinese atmosphere force in 2005 as a tyro during a country’s atmosphere force university, according to China Daily.

The journal pronounced Yu was a “flight squadron commander,” and described her troops career this way:

“She graduated in 2009, apropos one of a initial 16 Chinese women pilots able of drifting warrior jets. Before a 16 airwomen, all of a atmosphere force’s womanlike fliers were ride aircraft pilots.

“Yu took partial in a National Day Parade on Oct. 1, 2009, as she piloted a JL-8 tutor jet above Tian’anmen Square. In Jul 2012, she flew a J-10 fighter, apropos a initial lady to work a modernized aircraft. She was one of usually 4 women competent to fly a third-generation J-10.”

Yu flew a J-10 warrior jet publicly during an airshow progressing this month, the South China Morning Post reported. The journal quoted an talk Yu gave to China National Radio before a show, saying, “I wish to give a assembly a good performance. In terms of safety, in a training we’re always reminded to put reserve first.”

Sunday’s collision is not a initial time a J-10 jet has crashed, a Post reports:

“There has been a fibre of J-10 accidents over a past few years, a many new on Sep 28, when an aircraft crashed nearby Yangcun atmosphere bottom in Tianjin reportedly after attack a bird. In May, another J-10 crashed in Taizhou , Zhejiang.

“Three J-10 crashes were reported final year — one any in Shenyang, Huzhou and Taizhou.

“In Nov 2014, a J-10B warrior jet crashed in suburban Chengdu, injuring during smallest 7 people on a ground.”

According to a new Pentagon-funded report by a nonprofit troops consider tank Rand Corporation, it is misleading accurately how many hours of training Chinese warrior pilots receive, though “U.S. pilots roughly positively continue to accept some-more moody hours than their Chinese counterparts.”

The news enclosed excerpts from a 2014 essay in Kongjun Bao, a central Chinese atmosphere force newspaper, in that a troops commander explained one means of training accidents:

“Why do maestro pilots who have thousands of moody hours underneath their belts and tip moody talents who have warranted good honors in vital troops tasks have ‘slip-ups’ in elementary subjects in bland training? … [A ordain commander said] ‘When executing vital exercises, everyone’s concentration is rarely strong and no one would brave to be inattentive in a smallest degree. However, some pilots see unchanging training as ‘ordinary flying,’ so they intentionally or unintentionally reduce their mandate and standards.’ “

In June, members of a U.S. troops blamed bad drifting by a Chinese commander for a tighten confront between dual Chinese warrior jets and a U.S. notice craft over a East China Sea.

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A Pentagon matter posted on a news site of a U.S. Naval Institute described a Chinese pilot’s actions this way:

“One of a intercepting Chinese jets had an vulnerable extreme rate of closure on a [American] aircraft. Initial comment is that this seems to be a box of crude airmanship, as no other provocative or vulnerable maneuvers occurred. The Department of Defense is addressing a emanate with China in suitable tactful and troops channels.”

In May, The New York Times reported another occurrence in that a Chinese jet flew dangerously tighten to an American troops aircraft.

Last year, a U.S. and China sealed an updated agreement meant to safeguard protected “air to air” interactions between American and Chinese troops aircraft. That agreement includes a sustenance observant pilots should equivocate “approaching a other side’s troops aircraft during an rash closure rate that might discredit a reserve of possibly aircraft.”

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