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Rafael Nadal Extends His Reign With an 11th French Open Title

He was asked what he thought, unequivocally thought, in a locker room after a victory, and he explained that there were so many obligations — hands to shake, questions to answer — that it was tough to have many time to think. But he gave it a shot.

“Well, a answer is utterly simple,” he said. “I consider substantially a same as you. That in a finish — and we don’t like to contend it myself — though it’s something that is unequivocally unique, something that we can’t dream of, winning 11 times a same tournament. But it happened, and as always we would like to appreciate life for giving me this opportunity. Many people work as many as we do or even some-more and haven’t had my luck. That being said, yes, winning 11 times here is a lot.

“I can’t tell we any some-more than that.”

It is all in that answer, really: a humility, a demure realism. There has been some luck: Who could have illusory that Novak Djokovic, who seemed to have Nadal’s series on clay for good in 2015 and 2016, would blur from inflection so quickly? But but Nadal’s piety and inner drive, he would never have been means to keep pulling himself; to keep doing a unglamorous work to redeem from earthy setbacks, many recently a psoas flesh problem that forced him to retire in a center of a Australian Open in Jan and afterwards kept him from personification another contest until early April.

“A lot of months with problems,” Nadal said. “So entrance behind and carrying a possibility to win in Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Rome, and now generally here, it’s really romantic for me.”

He cried during a awards ceremony, that he has finished before here. But these tears came as he hold a prize and perceived an extended acclaim from a throng that felt some-more like an extended approval of his staying power.

It has frequency been a adore affair. The French like their underdogs, and Nadal has too mostly emptied a torment out of their tournament. Both he and his uncle Toni Nadal resented a approach a throng cheered opposite him in a fourth turn in 2009 as he mislaid to Robin Soderling, a Swedish alien who is one of usually dual group to have beaten Nadal during Roland Garros.

There also have been insinuations and suspicions, reflected in a criticism in 2016 by Roselyne Bachelot, a former French apportion for health and sport, on French radio that Nadal’s seven-month damage layoff in 2012 was “probably due to a certain doping test.”

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