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Ranking, examining a stupidity of Steph Curry’s 12 3-pointers vs. OKC

On Saturday night, Stephen Curry illuminated a universe on fire, scoring 46 points in an overtime quip win over a Thunder. In doing so, he tied an NBA record for many 3-pointers in a diversion with 12 — on 16 attempts, by a approach — while also violation his possess NBA deteriorate record with his 288th triple of a year with still some-more than 29 percent of a deteriorate to play, that is a feat even Wilt Chamberlain never pulled off.

It was a simply overwhelming performance, even for Curry, who creates his vital doing overwhelming things on a nightly. These shots had to be seen to be believed. What follows is a ranking of any of Curry’s 12 3-pointers, followeda relapse of any shot, since scholarship like this contingency be accepted for a universe to survive. Brace yourself.

12. The Solar Flare

Curry runs divided from a basket, catches, turns, and fires in a time it takes for a light from a object to erupt. Funny thing is, it doesn’t even seem this pass was dictated for Curry. Maybe that’s a new approach to get him open with 3 guys chasing him everywhere. Pass it to someone else, and let Curry go Darrelle Revis and prevent it.

11. The No Chance Proposition

Kyle Singler is not versed to hoop this one-on-one matchup. Then again, a wild cybernetic apocalyptic wolf with laser eyes is not versed to hoop this one-on-one matchup. Curry’s hoop is what continues to apart him from history’s biggest shooters. You only aren’t ostensible to be means to get this shot off so uniformly and strike it down so simply off a bounce. Not from this distance, during least.

10. The “I See What You Did There”

When Curry gets going there’s a tangible change in a building. This is one of those shots. Look a small closer, though, and this one is some-more a covenant to Steve Kerr’s out-of-timeout sorcery than anything, since a Thunder were rolling here and a Warriors indispensable a score, and everybody knew where they wanted to go out of a timeout. A small misdirection, a small call of a wand, and Curry pops off a shade to find what is fundamentally layup for him. Every once in a while we have to get a man a comparatively easy look, and Kerr has proven good during this.

9. The “Sure, Why Not?”

There’s only no approach to expect this shot, becasue there’s positively no receptive reason for Curry to fire it other than a fact Curry knows he can strike it. Westbrook can’t trust he shot it when it’s in flight, and can’t trust it goes in. The speed of a recover is lab created, yes, though when Curry gets going and a Warriors need scores down a widen of an exciting, back-and-forth game, we know he’s looking for a minute inkling of space to rip your heart out, and Westbrook gave it to him for a separate second. Too late.

8. The Friendly Roll

Hey, when things are going your way, things like this happens. This was his initial triple after returning from what, during initial glance, looked to be a flattering frightful ankle roll.

7. The “Nope, That Isn’t Going To Work”

There’s only zero we can do when faced with a man who can make shots descending out of bounds. That’s a apparent part. The not-so-obvious part? Curry’s shot-creating intelligence. Once Westbrook didn’t get over a initial round shade and Serge Ibaka had to switch, Curry could’ve simply pulled it out and left one-on-one opposite a big, that would’ve been a excellent preference and expected would’ve finished in Ibaka’s destruction. But we have to brew things adult when everybody in a gym knows you’re looking to shoot. Here, he sees one play brazen and goes to Mo Speights in a post meaningful full good he’s going for a evident leap handoff a present Ibaka relaxes on a entrance pass. Subtle brilliance.

6. The Chef Gets To Cooking

It’s overtime, though when he starts removing into a “falling down off a crossover” stuff, it’s a whole other level. Again, a totally absurd shot, though not altogether unimaginable deliberation what we’ve seen from Curry before when his possess movement and a movement of a diversion gets going a approach it was with he and Durant on this nationally televised showdown. The building was electric, and a man is an hostess during heart. His trigger finger was very, really tingling by this point.

5. The Behind-The-Back Crossover

This is also vs. a 6-10 brazen with arms a length of helicopter blades. You know, no large deal. Again off a dribble. This was his initial 3 of a night. Auspicious beginning.

4. The One Fluid Motion

He only dribbles adult justice and afterwards all of a remarkable he’s rising and by a time we comprehend he’s meditative about sharpened a round is by a net. As settled above, this is again observant one play ahead. This is a flattering customary Warriors set that starts with a simple, slight leap handoff, though Curry knows he’s faking this sold handoff and gripping a round a whole time. He is always, always, always environment adult a shot in his mind, and as a defender, we improved be perplexing to consider right along with him, since rest positive he’s not going to be holding required shots any time soon.

3 The Grill Shot

Steven Adams is fundamentally station on a ladder holding a enormous steel piece in front of Curry and Curry still plants this shot in his visual nerve. He had so many options here. Adams removed on an island with a live dribble? This could’ve finished a lot worse, actually. You could disagree this was arrange of idle by Curry, pumping once and afterwards fundamentally saying, “Ah, screw it, I’m only going to launch a 28-footer though even holding a leap and save my appetite for later.”

2. The Freakout

By this point, there was truly zero any Thunder defender could do. He was sport shots, and OKC did all right here. Adams jumped out hard. They swarming his space as most as we can. He only has a clarity of a moment, and a Warriors indispensable these threes. He did a same thing in Miami a few nights earlier. It doesn’t occur mostly since a Warriors are always floating teams out, though when they do find themselves in a tighten game, and they need scores, Curry only knows when it’s time to start attack moon shots. It’s a ultimate answer. You spend a whole diversion building a lead and outplaying Golden State and afterwards this visitor shooter only decides to describe all your work incomprehensible on a whim, and we can’t do a damn thing about it.

1. The Game Winner

Finally, there are no difference for this one.

Stephen Curry put on a uncover vs. a Thunder. (USATSI)
Steph Curry had a NBA universe doubt the common eyes Saturday night. (USATSI)

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