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Read Mark Zuckerberg’s records from today’s Facebook remoteness Senate hearing

Cambridge Analytica

– Breach of trust; contemptible we let it happen; took stairs in 2014 to stop it function again.

– Quiz app designed by Cambridge University researcher named Aleksandr Kogan.

– People who used app gave Kogan FB information like open profile, page likes, crony list + birthday; same for friends’ whose settings authorised sharing; NO credit card/SSN info.

– Kogan sole to CA in defilement of a terms; when we found out, told them to undo data.

– Confirmed they had — now seems untrue. Should have finished some-more to review + tell people.

– Didn’t consider adequate about abuse; rethinking each partial of a attribute with people.


– Important emanate though no credit label information or SSN shared.

– People gave Kogan entrance to Facebook information like their open profile, page likes, crony list, birthday; same for friends’ whose settings authorised sharing.

– 2014 changes meant it couldn’t occur now; limited apps’ entrance to information even further.

Reverse lookup (scraping)

– Found out about abuse dual weeks ago, close it down.

– Useful to find someone by phone number/email; if people have a same name.

– Malicious actors related open info (name, form photo, gender, user ID) to phone numbers they already had; close it down. Need to do some-more to forestall abuse.


– Fire people for CA?: It’s about how we designed a platform. That was my responsibility. Not going to chuck people underneath a bus.

– Do we ever glow anyone?: Yes; reason people accountable all a time; not going to go into specifics.

– Resign?: Founded Facebook. My decisions. we finished mistakes. Big challenge, though we’ve solved problems before, going to solve this one. Already holding action.

– No burden for MZ?: Accountable to you, to employees, to people who use FB.

Data safety:

– we use FB each day, so does my family, deposit a lot in security.

– Made mistakes, operative tough to repair them.

– Giving people some-more controls, usually yesterday settled display people their app controls.

Business indication (ads)

– Want FB to be a use that everybody can use, has to be free, can usually do that with ads.

– Key for me is goal — assisting people connect. Business indication supports that mission.

– Let’s be clear: Facebook doesn’t sell data. You possess your information. We give we controls.

– People know […] need ads; tell us if they have to see ads, wish them to be relevant.


– Facebook […] not time spent; time spent fell 5% Q4; focus to MSI.

– […]ssesm[..] to promulgate with kids; MK gives relatives control.

– […] like N[…] have blurb ads. We have no skeleton to do so.

Defend Facebook

– [If attacked: Respectfully, we reject that. Not who we are.]

– Billions people globally use FB each day to bond to a people that matter.

– Families reconnected, people met and gotten married, movements organized, tens of millions of SMBs now have improved collection to grow and emanate jobs.

– More work to do, though can’t remove steer of all a ways people are regulating FB for good.

Tim Cook on biz model

– Bezos: “Companies that work tough to assign we some-more and companies that work tough to assign we less.”

– At FB, we try tough to assign we less. In fact, we’re free.

– [On data, we’re similar. When we implement an app on your iPhone, we give it entrance to some information, usually like when we login with FB.

– Lots of stories about apps misusing Apple data, never seen Apple forewarn people.

– Important we reason everybody to a same standard.]

Disturbing content

– It’s really disturbing; and sadly we do see bad things on Facebook.

– Should have no place on a service; village standards demarcate hate, bullying, terror.

– Working to be some-more proactive; AI, employing some-more people e.g. terror, e.g. suicide.

– Will never be perfect; though creation outrageous investments.

Election firmness (Russia)

– Too slow, creation progress. France, Germany, Alabama.

– Midterms are important, though not usually in a US — Brazil, Mexico, Hungary.

– Just announced cabinet of academics to elect eccentric investigate on amicable media on democracy.


– Silicon hollow has a problem, and Facebook is partial of a problem.

– Personally caring about creation progress; prolonged approach to go [3% African American, 5% Hispanics].


– Consumer choice: consumers have lots of choice over how they spend their time

– Small partial of ad market: advertisers have choices too — $650 billion market, we have 6%.

– Break adult FB?: US tech companies pivotal item for America, mangle adult strengthens Chinese companies.

GDPR (Don’t contend we already do what GDPR requires)

– People merit good remoteness collection and controls wherever they live.

– We build all to be pure and give people control. GDPR does a few things:

– Provides control over information use — what we’ve finished for a few years.

– Requires agree — finished a small bit, now doing some-more in Europe and around a world.

– Get special agree for supportive things e.g. facial recognition.

– Support remoteness legislation that is practical, puts people in control and allows for innovation.

Article source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/10/17222546/facebook-mark-zuckerberg-senate-hearing-notes-cambridge-analytica-privacy