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Renck: The Broncos questions are offensive, simply put

Radio provides a height for my blabbering. we suffer articulate sports. And we adore arguing. Sitting opposite from former college crony Charles Johnson final week combined an ideal intersection to plead a Broncos.

Johnson, guest hosting on 104.3 The Fan, introduced a topic: Do a Broncos have some-more questions than they did this time final year?

He pronounced yes. we pronounced no. Next topic. OK, not exactly.

Johnson mentioned a mixed uncertainties on offense, and a hurdles of replacing linebacker Danny Trevathan and defensive finish Malik Jackson. He didn’t envision doom, as some have forecasted, though voiced concern.

My response: The Broncos face fewer questions, though one major emanate hangs over them like an ACME anvil in a Roadrunner cartoon: Who is a quarterback? Not meaningful who or how a quarterback will play overwhelms any contention about a Broncos.

They mocked required knowledge final year, winning a Super Bowl with an deplorable flitting diversion (23 interceptions, 19 touchdowns). A historically good invulnerability with gummy hands and playmakers functioned as Adobe photoshop for blemishes, scoring 6 touchdowns. we have no doubt a invulnerability will be terrific, though it’s astray to design a organisation to strech a finish section on a unchanging basis. The Broncos were 6-0 when a Orange Rush scored, tied for tops in a NFL. The normal record of playoff teams when invulnerability scored? Try 3-1. This points to a retrogression to a meant from worse fitness if 0 else.

Which brings us behind to a questions: They start with a starting quarterback. They were there final year, of course. But it was either Peyton Manning could fit in manager Gary Kubiak’s offense (in hindsight, no). His resume desirous confidence. The behind of Mark Sanchez’s football label invites skepticism.

Can Sanchez chuck 24 touchdowns with 12-to-14 interceptions, experiencing a career-best deteriorate in an offense he initial ran during USC? Will rookie Paxton Lynch kick him out or reinstate him during a season? If that happens, something has left wrong. It means Sanchez has endured an awful preseason — that’s tough to do given a vanilla defenses faced — and Lynch is a starburst (my common idea is that Lynch could assistance x-ray his training bend by attending a Manning Passing Academy).

A worse unfolding for a Broncos? Lynch supplants Sanchez during a deteriorate like Jay Cutler did with Jake Plummer with a Broncos in risk of blank a postseason.

The Broncos won a pretension regulating dual quarterbacks final year. History screams they should not repeat this plans if they wish to repeat.

Unlike Charles Johnson, we have 0 concerns about a defense. The Broncos will skip Jackson. They need Derek Wolfe to play like a star for 16 games, something wholly possible, and for defensive finish Jared Crick to be serviceable. Todd Davis has a skillset to take over for Trevathan, who was a two-down actor until late in a season. He won’t be Trevathan, though should be solid.

The Broncos’ questions are offensive. Will a new line, improved on paper, filigree behind tackles Russell Okung and Donald Stephenson? Can Demaryius Thomas lapse to stardom though a daze of a authorization tag? Is C.J. Anderson prepared to be a bell cow? Will parsimonious finish Jeff Heuerman, Virgil Green or Garrett Graham turn a red section weapon?

The Broncos fake an temperament as grinders final season. They excelled during winning tighten games. They possess a fang-bearing, nasty defense. The questions about this group are fewer, though still no reduction real. Can a offense lift a weight, formulating a championship size group built on beast and balance?

C.J, my man, that is a question. Singular. Not plural.

Troy E. Renck: trenck@denverpost.com or @troyrenck

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