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Review: Camera+ 2 proves it’s still fun to obsess over the iPhone photos

Much has altered about a iPhone in 8 years. One thing that hasn’t, though, is a mania with a camera. 

That mania is a reason since a tiny app called Camera+ became one of a many renouned print apps of all time. At a time when iPhone photography was usually only apropos a thing, Camera+ helped infer only how absolute a pocket-sized cameras could be.

Long before Apple offering that many coherence in a possess batch camera, Camera+ gave us primer control over settings like concentration and exposure. (It was also a initial iPhone app to let we snap photos with a volume symbol — a underline Apple after copied for a possess camera.)

That story is since Camera+ has been one of those singular apps that’s been means to contend a recognition in scarcely a decade in a App Store (and since it done it to #26 on Mashable’s list of a top 100 apps of all time). 

So when a developer launched a second chronicle of a app, Camera+ 2, this week, we had to see if it lived adult to a original. 

What’s new

For an app that’s a “complete rewrite” of a original, Camera+ 2 is, in many ways, scarcely matching to a strange — during slightest during initial glance. It has flattering many a same primer controls and modifying collection as a prototype (though a few facilities have been changed around a bit). 

While that competence defect longtime fans who were anticipating for poignant new additions, putting that kind of control during your fingertips was and is a best partial of Camera+. 

There are a few elemental changes to how a app works, though. Camera+ 2 is now a concept app, that means it will work flattering many a same approach on an iPad as it does on your phone, that is a good thing. The app has also severely softened a workflow if we wish to lift in a print from outward a app.

That’s since Camera+ 2 now lets we pierce between photos you’ve shot in a app and a rest of your iPhone photos though a need to manually import any picture we wish to edit. It competence seem like a tiny thing, though it’s one of those facilities that ends adult saving a lot of time if we wish to use Camera+ 2’s modifying collection on all your photos.

Speaking of modifying tools, all that done them good in Camera+ is still there, like a clarity slider and lighting presets, in further to a standard apartment of modifying controls like liughtness and contrast. If we opt to fire in RAW, we get all that and some-more modernized facilities like curves and sound reduction. 

If filters are your thing, you’ll conclude that they’re now giveaway in chronicle two. I’m not generally a fan filters, and we wasn’t quite tender with Camera+ 2’s selection, that were impossibly delayed in my testing. Still, a selection’s positively some-more endless than what you’ll find in Instagram and many other apps.

Shooting in RAW is a large understanding in Camera+ 2.

Shooting in RAW is a large understanding in Camera+ 2.

It wouldn't be a camera app though a Portrait mode.

It wouldn’t be a camera app though a Portrait mode.

Another some-more new addition: if we have an iPhone that supports Portrait Mode, we can use a app’s Portrait Mode to adjust abyss effects after a fact. It sounds like a neat feature, and it is — when it works. Unfortunately, a underline was flattering cart in my contrast and sharpened in a app’s mural mode didn’t always furnish a preferred effect. 

Is it value it?

All that said, you’d be forgiven for wondering if it’s unequivocally value it to bombard out a $2.99 for Camera+ 2 when many of it functions are so many like a original, and many of those functions are now local to many camera/photos apps. It’s a satisfactory question, though I’d contend it is. 

For starters, there’s a rather apparent fact that if we wish new facilities in a future, your best gamble is a many stream version. But even as it stands now, I’d contend it’s some-more than value a 3 bucks to upgrade. 

Sure, some of a app’s many critical updates are not immediately conspicuous — things like speeding adult picture estimate and print exports, These competence not seem like a many groundbreaking updates after 8 years, though they make a app noticeably faster and, according to a developer, will assistance future-proof a app for some-more new iPhones and destiny versions of iOS. 

And that competence be what matters most: a ability to keep on obsessing over a minute sum of a photos. And for that, Camera+ 2 is a some-more than estimable inheritor to a app that initial taught us what it means to obsess over a pics.

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