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Review: Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge — a new phones to beat

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are beautifully well-executed smartphones, estimable flagships from one of a world’s largest wiring manufacturers. The changes from final year’s S6 lines are incremental, yet a fixes and upgrades are in all a right places. Those tiny improvements make for dual vastly improved phones, that start during $650 (for a S7) and $750 (for a S7 Edge), depending on a carrier.

Samsung, like a bête noire Apple, seems to be on a two-year schedule, with vital upgrades and denote increments appearing in swapping years. The S7, like Apple’s biennial “S” upgrades, builds on final year’s models in critical ways yet changing a simple form.

Specs and features

The signature improvement, a one that will title many reviews, is true: The S7 line is all yet waterproof. In tech terms, a S7 phones have an IP68 rating: Impervious to dirt and stable from enlarged soak of adult to 3 meters.

In 30 years of reviewing electronics, I’ve never before dunked a product. This past week, we filled a penetrate (it’s still winter in New York and a pool wasn’t handy) and forsaken in a phone. On purpose. And left it there. It sank — yet it was fine. None of a apparent invasion points — a micro-USB energy port, mic, speaker, energy and volume buttons, SIM/memory drawer — leaked water. Over a past year (admittedly a bad year) this singular underline would have saved my family $1,000.