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Rivera OK with benching Cam notwithstanding ‘frenzy’

2:25 PM ET

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Carolina Panthers manager Ron Rivera approaching a “feeding frenzy” when he benched quarterback Cam Newton for a initial array of Sunday’s 40-7 detriment during Seattle for violating a group transport dress code.

But Rivera pronounced he stays gentle with a decision, indicating out that he has trained other players in a past for identical offenses.

“I’m unequivocally gentle with it,” Rivera pronounced on Monday. “The law of a matter is we have to provide everybody a same. we unequivocally do. And that’s all that was. There was no underlying message. There was no feud, since I’ve finished this before.

“It’s usually unfortunate, a guys that we did this to before weren’t a quarterback. That’s since it’s such a large deal. That’s since we consider it’s utterly overtly being finished unequivocally bigger than it unequivocally is.”

Did Ron Rivera pull a line in a silt for Cam Newton?

Ron Rivera’s charge is to make certain a Cam Newton-attire occurrence doesn’t turn a bigger issue. When a group with high expectations is 4-8, infrequently a smallest of things can lead to a manager and a staff losing a locker room.

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    Cam Newton’s benching for a initial play didn’t remove a game, though it positively set a tinge for a Panthers’ nauseous detriment to a Seahawks.

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  • Newton was benched since he didn’t wear a dress shirt and tie Saturday on a group moody from San Jose, California, where a group spent a week scheming for a Seahawks, to Seattle.

    Newton pronounced he didn’t have a dress shirt and tie since he sent many of a week’s value of garments behind to Charlotte on Friday as a rest of a group did.

    He wore a black turtleneck and coupler instead, adding it felt like “I wore a identical outfit as this before and zero was done.”

    Rivera remained austere that a punishment was no opposite than he’s finished for other players and that’s he’s relocating on to Sunday’s diversion opposite San Diego.

    “I knew it was going to be a feeding frenzy,” he said. “That’s a approach it is. As distant as I’m concerned, I’ve addressed it, he’s addressed it and I’m treating everybody a same and we will continue to do that. So I’m finished with it.”

    Newton missed usually one play as a initial array finished on a game’s initial play when backup Derek Anderson threw an interception. Offensive coordinator Mike Shula pronounced Newton’s punishment didn’t impact a approach a joining MVP played, observant he was “very focused.”

    The preference to dais Newton has combined a discuss nationally over either Rivera did a right thing.

    Rivera pronounced he’s not endangered that a emanate will emanate disturbance in a locker room, though he is endangered about a mental state of his group that is 4-8 a deteriorate after going 15-1 and reaching a Super Bowl.

    “We have 5 core values here that Mr. Richardson preaches,” Rivera pronounced of group owners Jerry Richardson. “Hard work, harmony, teamwork, listen, respect. It’s all over a place. You can be who we are. You can keep your personality, though you’ve got to keep it within that framework.

    “That’s what’s important. We try to be who we are, though there is a horizon that we have. There’s a set of rules, and it’s loyal for society. A lot of thing that we do here isn’t usually about football … That’s what this was. It was a training opportunity. We’re going to pierce on from there.”

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