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Robert Griffin III has a final shot as an NFL starter. But usually since it’s a Browns.

Robert Griffin III has not played given a Browns’ deteriorate opener in Philadelphia. (AP/Matt Rourke)

When Robert Griffin III pennyless a bone in his left shoulder during a Cleveland Browns’ season-opening loss during Philadelphia, it was satisfactory to wonder if his reign with his second NFL group had finished flattering many before it even had unequivocally begun.

Griffin would be sidelined for many of a season, during a least. The Browns would pierce on during quarterback and, surely, someone would interest a explain to a starting pursuit as a wretched authorization would start to make a stand toward respectability underneath a reputable first-year coach, Hue Jackson.


Not so fast.

Three months later, a Browns are usually as downtrodden as ever, if not somehow even some-more so. The confidence that things would be opposite underneath Jackson has given approach to a harshest of realities, a graphic probability that a Browns will join a 2008 Detroit Lions as a usually NFL teams ever to go 0-16 in a season. Not usually has no one seized a starting quarterback job; a turnstile has spun during a some-more dizzying rate than ever.

So those are a gloomy resources underneath that Griffin, a former NFL descent rookie of a year for a Washington Redskins brought to Cleveland this past offseason by Jackson to try to recapture his 2012 magic, gets one some-more chance starting Sunday to denote he can be during slightest partial of a resolution to a Browns’ gargantuan quarterback problem.

It’s a possibility that no one should have approaching when Griffin got harm opposite a Eagles by interesting a strike along a sideline. It’s a possibility that would not have come behind around with usually about any other NFL team. It’s usually given it’s a directionless, unsuccessful Browns that Griffin gets a final opportunity.

He will start Sunday during home opposite a Cincinnati Bengals, a preference announced by Jackson on Thursday, as a Browns try to equivocate detriment No. 13. After that, there are highway games during Buffalo and Pittsburgh sandwiched around a home diversion opposite a San Diego Chargers. Whether or not a Browns win a diversion this deteriorate competence matter to them and their fans. In a bigger picture, it matters little. What’s a difference, really, between 1-15 and 0-16? What matters is either they finally get some clarity on what needs to be finished during quarterback.

The Browns had a No. 2 altogether preference in a NFL breeze this year and could have comparison Carson Wentz after Jared Goff was taken initial by a Los Angeles Rams. They motionless before breeze day that Wentz wasn’t their man and traded a collect to a Eagles.

Wentz has had moments of luminosity this deteriorate in Philadelphia, times when he has resembled a 10-year veteran. He also has had stretches of looking like usually what he is, a rookie thrown into a playing-time brew as he attempts to make a outrageous jump from college football during North Dakota State to a NFL. Maybe Wentz will be comparison to Pro Bowls and take a Eagles to Super Bowls. Maybe he won’t. But for now, during least, he seems some-more than means of building into during slightest an above-average NFL starting quarterback. It has been a long, prolonged time given a Browns have had someone like that.

The Browns could have left all-in on Wentz as their quarterback. They could have hedged their bets and combined both Griffin and Wentz. Instead, they went all-in on Griffin. They traded a second collect and didn’t breeze a quarterback until holding USC’s Cody Kessler in a third round.

And now that Griffin has had an injury-filled deteriorate — not accurately a overwhelming development, given his infirmity while in Washington — a Browns sojourn nowhere during quarterback. They have left by Griffin, Josh McCown, Kessler, Charlie Whitehurst, rookie Kevin Hogan and far-reaching receiver Terrelle Pryor during quarterback this season. They don’t unequivocally know if Kessler, who has played pretty good in his 8 starts, can be an honest-to-goodness, arguable NFL starter. They don’t know if Griffin can stay healthy and if he still can play, and if he should figure into subsequent season’s plans.

Griffin is sealed by subsequent deteriorate though his income is not guaranteed. The Browns simply could partial with him. Little that he did during a preseason or during a deteriorate opener suggests he will be a answer. He was means to bond on a prolonged pass here and there. Otherwise a offense was low and his correctness on shorter passes wasn’t impressive. But he was Jackson’s collect and Jackson’s reclamation project. Jackson urged onlookers to trust him.

The Browns are in line to have a No. 1 altogether choice in a breeze in a spring. They also will have maestro quarterback options. They could try to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo, Tony Romo or Jay Cutler. Colin Kaepernick substantially will blank his agreement and be accessible on a giveaway representative market.

If Griffin is going to have any possibility during all to be partial of that picture, he’d improved uncover something earnest very, really soon.

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